Inside the Heroes Writing Room: A TV Fanatic Exclusive

LMAO! Maj and F.D., you guys are my heroes! I'm desensitized by all the negativity at this point. Now, I come for the comments section! Hilarious!

Heroes Review: "Close to Home"

C'mon, now, MLHouse, who's got time to write a review? Looks like you do. I'm not attacking you. I enjoy your writing, but I love Heroes so it's hard to hear all of these negative comments about "my show"! I'm just being honest.

Heroes WILL Return, Greg Grunberg Says

I've really enjoyed this season. Even though it's not perfect, it has still been entertaining, and I look forward to each new episode. Perhaps, a fan of the show should write the recaps and critiques now and then. It would be refreshing to read a review that doesn't attack the show on a consistent basis.