"Bonfire of the Vanity" Sneak Previews

Bring back Derena! The new Dan and Serena seriously have issues! Dan not caring about how his actions hurt other people including his own dad? Hypocrite. Serena blowing off her alleged bestie Blair for the attention of how-much-do-you-really-know-me Aaron? Fake. They are SOOO much better together than apart!

"The Serena Also Rises" Sneak Preview

chuck & dan??? ... WTF?! i'm definitely curious where this is headed and it doesn't look good.

Dan on the Rebound?


Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Dark Night"

In the end, nothing made sense, but hopefully that means everyone has gone a lil crazy for the dramatic effect. Hopefully, in time the GG world will return to what it's supposed to be... Dan & Serena, Chuck & Blair, and Nate & ...who knows...

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