Love this show..... totally loved this final.... the emotional ups and downs was quite a ride...... to be honest I actually prefer NCIS:LA over NCIS
I am a Deeks fan and have to say @ Blu 's comments re Deeks (and Tony) are dead on
Possibly the people with the violence issues should watch the final again to see that what they perceive as 'shown' torture was actually in their imagination after the fact ....
..... my only character beef is Sam's attitude to Deeks but hopefully this will change as of next season. @ Sue ...... Ditto
@ random...... some type of punctuation and uppercase please!!

Grimm Review: The Game Changer

great final......I'm definitely hoping that its Mamma that comes and kicks some serious Eric butt to get her baby boy back!!!


@Richard...interesting thoughts... thanks for a different prospective

Vegas Review: Last Night in Vegas

I liked this show..... yes it was a slow started but was worth the wait.......@ steveO...I agree with you.... here's hoping the show gets picked up somewhere else (possibly Netflix?)...by the middle of the season the writers had picked up steam and the show become a contender... it is unfortunate the network pulled the plug.... I did liked the final with it leaving just enough questions to allow the show to continue elsewhere ......lets all x our fingers

Arrow Review: Unwanted Exposure

@ Tom
@ Grimmfan#10
..... I agree with both of you on the Oliver/Laurel pairing. The 2 together are okay but they just don't have the chemistry that Oliver/Felicity have. I put this down to the Actresses though.... it's unfortunate that we couldn't switch them so that they are playing the others part..... Poor Tommy....his end scene last night was sooo well acted I hope we get to see Shado and Slade in Sterling City next season...(didn't see the Yao Fei death coming....wow) Diggle does a great Hood! Moria/Walter....Moria got what she deserved WOW I could go on and on ...... this show just keeps getting better and better and BETTER!!!!!


WOW ! Great episode!!!! x 10 @Pals20.... I didn't get that Crowley was the one to be cleansed either.........Crowley is so deliciously evil(A-1 acting) Dean and Sam need to stop him but definitely not kill him off. I don't trust Metatron either.....something's just not right(I hope Chuck ends up being God) love Dean to death but he needs to lighten up on poor Castiel.....

Grimm Review: Obsessed

"Well, that was underwhelming" .... my thoughts exactly!!!!!..... it was a waste of an hour..... lets get on with it Writers.... lets get back to the core train of thought from Season 1. .... please move on from this senseless Juliette crap..... If the Juliette soap opera continues I'm done..... all through last nights show I kept thinking maybe its time for me to forget this show and move on, I mean enough is enough ..... what a shame this show has (had) such potential.


correction...... 5 should actually say : Neverland and Storybrooke


1-Snow and Regina in Storybook
2-I agree with Nick (too!)
3-all 3 were pretty out of character IMHO
4-Graham or the Mad Hatter
5-Neverland and Storybr My concern is what Tamara end game is ...... how long will Neil need before he figures out he's being duped?

Grimm Review: Dropping Toad

my 2 cents....once again the writers have wasted airtime on their Juliette storyline....nothing personal against the Actress who plays the character but by chance is she related to one of the writers or possibly the producer etc???....can they PLEASE write her character out of the script!! enough already! grrrrrrr
Juliette aside I thought the rest of the episode was good and fun...not the best episode this season but definitely a fun one.