Do No Harm Canceled By NBC

You know you gotta cancel your shows when they fall below CW average.


Good for Grey's and Elementary. Sucks for Do No Harm which is now officially a goner.


Why is Derek so goddamn dramatic?


I say that the ending scene was the most touching scene I've seen between Watson and Sherlock.
I really loved how much she went on to protect him in this episode, as well as his decision to use drugs to find her. Though I knew he wouldn't do it, it really shows to Joan how much he is developing emotionally.


As for the hate on Jackson and Stephanie, can I just point out that these two have really great chemistry and that with the actress getting a potential SERIES regular option, they could be here to stay.
However, it’s not like he is claiming to be in love with Stephanie. IF you’ve been watching, he broke up with April for a decent reason and then she wouldn’t have anything to do with him afterwards so he has moved on. The BASIS of Jackson and Stephanie hasn’t been discussed, so for all we know it’s just a friends with benefits thing that is going on.


It is episodes like this why I love Grey’s Anatomy! It had the dynamic of mixing comedy and drama together, while also allowing the entire cast (regular and recurring) interacting together to do what they do best; save a patient.
Furthermore, it was episodes like this that ALLOW me to see the chemistry between Jo and Alex, so if the writers continued to keep their relationship on that path, I would route for them to be a couple.
As for Alex being the voiceover, I remember Alex had a narration in season 5 around the time when Izzie had cancer. I really wish Cristina would get a chance at it, seeing as past characters like Derek, Bailey, Callie and George have all had a chance at it.


I love Constance Zimmer's character so much and I wish Shonda would consider promoting her character. Though the actress may not take it, it'd still be a great idea - mostly because this show really needs a character that everyone can hate - she's like a mix of Addison and Erica. I'd love to see her have more screen time with Alex just to see what chemistry awakens there, because this character would be a real mature woman that could help his character grow further.

Supernatural Review: The Good Golem

Now this was a good episode compared to last weeks episode. I'm really hoping for this season to pick-up, as it's beginning to remind me much of 7 - no direction and constant scrambling of storylines.

Arrow Review: Blindsided

Detective Lance needs a new course of direction. Perhaps a bullet to the chest will sort that out.
As for the episode itself, I thought it was average up until the kidnapping of Laurel. It really picked up in action and gave some good moments between The Hood and Laurel.
I'm really excited for next weeks episode and Moira having "failed the city".

90210 Review: Fight Club

I think Silver should just have twins - she keeps one and Teddy gets one - problem solved and storyline over.
As sad as it is Riley died, YES for Liam and Annie to get back together. A little rushed, the past 4 episodes has hinted for these two for a while now.
I can't believe Naomi and Max are over, but I do believe they'll be back together within the next 3 or 4 episodes, if not, then seasons end. I don't think the writers are completely done with these two yet.
As for Dixon and Megan, yeah, they're good together, but with Adrianna still in the mix, it's never going to work out for them - you don't mix business with pleasure!
I think this show should just sort you whether which couples will get together in the end out of the last remaining singles who can't seem to get their shit together.