Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Suddenly"

All the photo's are great, have been disecting them all week basically on other sites oopps did i say that.
There is NO time jump! the episode starts at the scene of the crash where Mer and Alex find the family, so i gather Mer will hand the baby over to Alex and she will concentrate on the family. I hope we get a scene when they get back to the hospital of Derek having a heart to heart talk with Mer and basically apologising for everything as he did think the worst while she was out there and can't live without her. Although no photos of Alex and the baby is abit concerning as to what is going to happen.
Believe the scene of Mark, Derek, Julia and Lexi will be lighthearted comedy for the episode, maybe Lexi realise's Julia is actually a nice person after all and she has been the wicked witch.
Derek's photo of him at home looking at something at first i thought Zola as it's the look he gives Mer and Zola, but then thought the hair is too straight so now i'm guessing he is comforting Lexi at home after a long day at work and she has broken down over her breakup with Jackson (hope he has moved out of Casa Grey) and having to work with Julia and Mark all day and be professional about it all.
As much as we would all like it to be Zola delivered to the her rightful parents in this story unfortunately don't think it is :-( but i could be wrong. Valentine's episode more sexy time coming and hopefully a big surprise.
There is nothing mentioned about Callie and Jackson's stuff up and also I do believe Owen will be caught short having not told Teddy about Henry, Cristina will let slip, agree the line should be "sorry i did everything i could" which probably will confuse Teddy at first then she will realise what Cristina has just told her.
Anyway that is my dissection of the episode now bring on Jan 5th, oh hang on that's Jan 6 in Australia cos we are ahead :-)


Best Scene: Cristina breaking down after finding out that it was Henry she was operating on. Also like Cristina/Derek scene when she tell's him he has nothing to worry about, Mer will never leave him. Cliffhanger: Teddy and knowing that Henry has died. Although my heart was pounding about what was going to happen to Mer/Alex but when they got out of the ambulance and weren't in danger i breathed again. Fav Arc: Definately Mer/Der, didn't enjoy McGrumpy but now that he has finally realised he was just as much to blame, i can hear the words "I want you back in Neuro" ringing in my ears. When Mer get's back to the ER from the road trip i don't Derek is going to let her go and will breakdown in her arms this time saying i don't want to lose you and apologising for everything. Underused: Mark/Lexi but i think this SL is building and will come to a head when Mark's new fling get's called to SGMW for an emergency operation with Mark/Derek/Lexi and Derek will have to play referee between them all and basically tell Mark he gives him permission to be with lil Grey. Predictions: Teddy will be hurt, guilty, upset and an emotional wrecking ball, maybe she will disappear for a little while like she did when her best friend died in the twin tower collapse.
Callie/Jackson, Callie will walk away clean as she will dump Jackson in it, totally derail his career as this will flag a bad outcome on his boards. Maybe Jackson will have to repeat 5th year, like George repeated his internship.
Mer/Alex will continue to work on the baby at the scene, and they will find a survivor from the other car maybe she walks from behind the car, so then Alex will work on the baby and Mer will work on the girl until the other crew's arrive and they go back to the hospital. Maybe the girl will be a neuro case, they go back to the hospital on the helicopter and derek meet's them on the helipad, hugs and kisses his wife not really wanting to let her go but Mer reminds him about the girl and they end up working together finally, and this is where we see him ask her back to Neuro as he can't live or work without her.


Really hasn't been much released, so they really are trying to keep everything under raps. Like only 3 still pics, now only 3 sneaky peeks and nothing about what really happens in that ambulance, other then we know it get's hit and we see them getting jostled around. Intense Intense Intense.
Oh and we already know Mer is ok because of the accidental picture spoiler by JW over weekend of the epi 11 title and opening scene opps.
I think the Cristina scene is Owen telling her it was Henry she was operating on and because he died she get's upset.
Bring on the episode and god i hope there is a episode on the 8th dec.


Mer's comment is about Zola she doesn't want any other child only Zola. Hopefully end of epi 10 they take her home.
I think Derek and Mer will be working together by epi 11 as he will want her to be close so he can keep an eye on her lol.
It's Jackson who says the ambulance is stuck in the middle of the road as he walks around the operating table.
Also wondering will Derek get a phone call about Amelia from Addison soon?
Gotta feeling Henry dies, Alex is gonna be messed up big time maybe he becomes a quadraplegic how crazy would that be.
Also now that Jackson and Lexi have split is Jackson going to move out of mer's house? Know I wouldn't want to live under the same roof personally.

Private Practice Review: Fantasy Sperm Ball!

Addie to ask Jake please be my sperm donor, i can feel it coming they totally gonna hook up properly this time.
Yep time for a McDreamy appearance on PP to slep some sense into his sister although she does go to rehab so maybe she has to invite the family to visit while she is there. Then Derek meets Jake Reilly the OB magician if he can get Addie pregnant invite him to Seattle and work your magic on my wife too.


Gotta a feeling, the i don't want another baby comment is Mer telling Derek she only want's Zola back and no other child. These promo's also make it look like the worst.
That was definately Alex telling Mer to getthe hell out of the ambulance, basically saying you are married with a family and i've got no one so who's going to miss me.It is adoption month in USA so i think the answer will be the cliffhanger. way to go shonda make us wait 3 weeks.
Sorry peeps but think Henry is a goner. Need to see more promo pics only 3 released come on.


Also wondering why Mer is going to the other hospital since she was back in general surgery in epi 8, so why a peads case?
Derek does look very protective in these pics and it's going to suck having to wait til after hiatus to find out.


Best scene was the drunk argument and I loved the end when they were all sitting on the bench after the game drinking and talking. Ep really played being drunk well and the sparks were flying yet again between her and patrick.
Callie = bad ass
Will alex be caught out? He never mentioned his name so the judge doesn't know him, but could also backfire for mer/der at the hearing oh no worst case scenario.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 285

Derek: Go get her tiger, straight at the chest. Lexi: Too easy

Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Heart-Shaped Box"

Oh My, someone turned up the heater in that promo, bring me a fan stat.
Embracing the future oh yes you are, that was one electric passion filled kiss. (You would think they were a real life couple lol but we know they are not) Bring on McBaby and give em Zola at the same time 2 for the price of one :-)
The Dempsey/Pompeo chemistry is still at buzz worthy levels, especially now McDreamy is back with a vengenence.