I absolutely love the character of Raymond Reddington. He's in control of everything in his life. When Liz acted out against him, he was really hurt, because he really does care for her. However, he's not going to be pushed around by her. I loved how he hung up on her forcing her to tell the truth. And in the end, how he said you can either have the whole package or nothing. It's not a choice. "Do you really thing Raymond Reddington cannot disappear? It's a package I offer to my clients all the time." He's the most intriguing character in 2013 television.

The rest of the episode was fairly standard stuff. Note sure about the casting of Robert Sean Leonard. He's a great actor (House M.D.) but this was not a role written for him. That of a mass-murderer. He didn't pull it off IMO. There were some interesting song selections like the first couple of episodes. The last few episodes haven't had any songs owing to the serious nature.


Castle's smile at seeing the two most important women in his life connect was also a really nice touch.

The thing that surprises me about the Alexis angle is this: In every interview, Andrew Marlowe keeps saying that he's a writer who listens to his characters. That he goes wherever his characters take him. This was true for Castle saying "I love you!" to Beckett at the end of Season 3. For Caskett coming together at the end of Season 4. Not quite for the engagement, but I can let that slide. Everything he's written so far has been decided by the way the story has progressed.

EXCEPT Alexis suddenly behaving like a spoiled brat. Sure, she experienced some trauma during the kidnapping, but that should only make her more wary of relationships with strangers. Not make her bring a hippie with a lost passport into her life, and move in with him. Some people have said she's acting out to the Caskett engagement, but again, that doesn't explain why she would choose a hipster like Pi of all people. None of it makes sense for Alexis' character progression, and that's baffling me.

Plus, we've not seen any character progression so far in the six episodes. All we get is engagement tidbits, but that's not enough. We've not seen Castle and Beckett become a true part of each other's private lives like engaged couples are wont to become. We've not seen Jim Beckett's reaction to their engagement. We've not heard of Ryan's baby since the first episode. And Espo's life has basically become stagnated within the show.

It'll be interesting to see a return of all these things. Because this season needs a momentum kick for me.

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Agree with David and nottrampis (who's got his ID back I see!).

Alexis was being a b***h for the first half of the episode. The way she acted in Castle's room, not making eye contact pissed me off. And then when Castle tried to reconnect, she put him off, and tried to show off as somehow being more mature than she actually is.

As nottrampis said, my whole problem with everything so far is that none of Alexis' behaviour is being called out on within the show. Everything is made out to be Castle's fault. He's apologizing for a very small mistake in the housewarming party. Alexis is behaving like a brat and has not even apologized for invading her father's life and bringing a hippie home.

Sure enough, she had the epiphany and realized Castle's always there for her. And the moment with Beckett was also nice, but it didn't make up for every bratty thing she's done so far this season, and some of last.

But I did enjoy the episode. I sort of have a weak spot for feel-good stuff like this, and it is nice to see the good guys win. I actually had a lump in my throat when the brother was acquitted and hugged his younger brother. I guess that just makes me a big softie. :)

BTW, In the end Castle says, "You did a good thing here." Alexis would've done squat were it not for Castle. He was the one who noticed actual physical evidence lying underneath the body, and that is eventually what led to the acquittal.

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Thanks guys! I love the Castle community on TVFanatic. So many great discussions to be had here. :)

Castle's an absolute sweetheart. He's displayed so much patience that it beggars belief. I am not sure any of us would've even thought about apologizing to Alexis after all that she has done. But Castle being the "mature man" (take a note Alexis) that he is, went over and apologized for the sake of his daughter. And what does he get in return, a door slammed in his face. I couldn't bear to look at his heartbroken face in the end. I uttered a whole lot of curse words that if I said here would get me banned.

As I said, there better be a payoff at the end of this. Otherwise this is a huge miscalculation on AWM's part, and one of the worst character assassinations I've seen in TV history. They've taken the sweetest teenager ever conjured up on television and turned her into a total brat.

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I think the answers people are thinking of in these comments are too simple. And The Blacklist has shown us in these half a dozen episodes that it is anything but simple.

Each answer has only led to more questions. As I said elsewhere, why did Red's right hand man say it's good to be back. Why was the first scene in the show's pilot shot in a specific fashion? There's something about the way that scene was staged and the dialogues in that scene for it to be just offhand.

Why does Red's man say, "the right question and we could've made the world tremble. Finally found our adversary..." Why does Red respond by saying "circumstances are far more complex than we'd ever imagined." Why does Red say he's playing the long game by giving Liz the files to the murder? What is the long game that Red is playing? What is the right question? Who is the adversary? Why is Liz the future? What is so special about her? Why does Red say everything she knows about herself is a lie?

These small sequences throw into chaos everything we think we know about this show and its characters. That's what makes it the best new show of 2013 for me. And probably my favorite show on TV right now.

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You know what I hated most about the episode, Alexis closing the door on her father. This a man who's always held his open for the women in his life.

Plus it showed the amount of disrespect she had for her father at that moment. In our country, we don't close the doors on any elder person, let alone our own parents. Such contemptuous behaviour will and should not be tolerated.

bonmagg, Read some of the wonderful comments below. What about Alexis barging on her father's apartment and overtaking the loft? What about Pi's absolute lack of manners, eavesdropping and entering uninvited to a couple's room? What about the fact that if it weren't for Papa and Grandpa Castle, Alexis wouldn't be alive today? Who's paying for her education? Who's always looking out for her best interests?

Was Castle's behaviour not all that great. Absolutely. But you have a daughter who shows as much disdain for your support that Alexis has shown for Castle this season, then you'll be spanking her and kicking her out of your house. Castle's been more supportive than any father I can imagine.


Looks like Alexis comes running to Castle for help next week. How'd that go, you brat?

It does look like this whole plot could reach to some sort of conclusion next week. That's one thing to hope for.


The word I am looking for on Alexis rhymes ungrateful hitch.

AWM and the writers are committing character assassination much like the same way HIMYM writers did with Robin in Season 8. For the first 15 episodes, everybody was furious with the writers in the way they'd written Robin so far that season. Then the mother of all payoffs (for fans at least) came about, and it explained a lot of what happened before.

I just hope there's a payoff to all this madness. Because if there isn't, and if they're just using all the negative energy and angst to progress a weak plotline, then it's just sad.

I was watching some re-runs of Castle from earlier seasons, and Alexis is just gone. This is a shell of the living and breathing character who existed in seasons past. Nothing explains her irrational, brattish behavior. And her relationship with a goddamn hippie, who I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. There is nothing redeeming about Pi. Zero. Zilch. Nada. You see him coming towards you, you cross the street.

And her condescending talk in last episode about "who's more mature" and in this episode as well made me want to throw up. I am reminded of Louis CK's comedy about how kids think they know a lot at a certain age, but the reality is that they don't know squad because they haven't lived through all the s**t that elders have lived through. That is exactly what I am reminded of.

As I said, let's hope for a payoff, otherwise this is one helluva character assassination.

EDIT: BTW, TVFanatic, can you fix line breaks in comments? I don't want to add a "br" everytime I want a new line.

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I wouldn't necessarily call it a cash grab, but it is a painful gimmick, which is failing right now. The writers probably thought they could do something innovative with the them, but I don't think there's enough material to keep things interesting for an entire season.

Although I enjoyed this episode, this season hasn't been consistent so far, either in writing or story progression.

I hope they make things interesting soon enough though.


Ted meets The Mother after leaving the wedding. That's how I remember it from another episode. And it won't happen until the second half of the season, maybe not even until the final few episodes.

This was a very funny episode. To me, HIMYM at its best with all the characters being involved in gags together. The Barney-Robin angle this week was actually kinda realistic and understandable. Nicely done! Ted being Ted was totally awesome, and that letter gag was great.

My favorite bit was in Marshal trying to tell everyone that the door is open, but everyone ignoring him for over-the-top entrances. Pretty awesome.

I agree with Chris in that Marshal's tone sounded final, which was very surprising.

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