Castle Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

This is spot on! I gave season a B though because the Alexis/Pi stuff was such a distracting and upsetting development, and it took up several episodes. She's never been straightened out about her behavior either. I'm also waiting for that full-out love scene! Just one, Marlowe!

Castle Review: Shown the Trap Door

Ditto on the fun until the end. Are we really supposed to side with Alexis on this one? Castle was grumpy at the dinner, but for all he knows Pi could be an ax-murderer. As for Alexis comparing Castle getting engaged to a woman he's been friends with for five years and dating for 1, to her bringing home an unidentified mop-head she just met on vacation, how can any adult see that as a real point? Alexis is acting out as teenagers do. She may be jealous & upset, but in the reality of the show the relationship is not a shock; it's been in her face for a while. Her analogy was childish, and Castle took it as if it were the words of a sage. Castle is the only character thinking about her
safety. I get Martha's point about not losing her, but coddling Alexis and acting like her accusations are reasonable isn't good either. I hope someone did a background check on this guy with no passport. (Beckett, that'd be you.)

Castle Round Table: "Still"

1. Favorite moment, The ILY of course, but I really loved the morning scene when he's staring at her asleep,then she wakes up, sees him staring says "Hey" with a sleepy smile. He's now allowed to stare as much as he wants to. It was just really sweet. Favorite flashback: All the inappropriate things Kate has said to him. I'd forgotten the one when they're looking at porn wondering how the girl do a certain position. When she looks at it and says, "Oh, it's doable." Priceless! No. Not in the least. My favorite hairstyle season is probably season three. Loved the long curls! No, not really. I agree with Christine. For me it made TSatQ make more sense. Prior to "Still" Kate wasn't worried about the future or where things were going. I can see why she's there, while Castle is relaxed because hey, he's her hero and she loves him. So, he's done his job. Now it's "Call of Duty" time. Martha's comment made him realize there might be more to do - and it totally freaked him out. He hadn't made that leap yet, while Kate has. Best kiss is ALWAYS, but I agree (again) with Christine, the undercover one is darn close.