South Park Review: "Ass Burgers"

I have always been a HUGE fan of South Park, so it kills me to say this, but I think it has finally jumped the shark. I could not wait to see this episode, but it really disappointed me! It was the only episode that they have ever made that SUCKED! The "Getting Old" episode was okay, so I thought they would make up for it in this episode, but I was wrong! Am I the only person who thinks it stunk? When I looked up this review, I thought for sure they would share the same thoughts. I really hope Trey and Matt makes up for it in the next episode! I think they are running out of ideas which usually happens even with the best shows. But I have always thought there was no way SP could EVER jump the shark because Trey and Matt have such hilarious and warped imaginations that no other writers have. Everybody falls at least once, and this was obviously their time to fall! So I hope they pick themselves back up, brush themselves off, come back, and redeem themselves in the next episode! Regardless of what I think about this episode, I am still SP's #1 fan! So keep up the good work guys!