Beverly brooks
Once Upon a Time Review: Only If You Believe

Do you believe Henry has two mommies?
Yes, both Regina and Emma love him equally, they just don't believe it.
Is there any possibility that this motley crew can work together to save him?
They have worked together before
What could possibly drive the Dark One to tears?
Doll belonged to Neal/Baelfire and he was remembering what it was like before he became the "dark one".
And did you miss Storybrooke at all in the premiere episode of Once Upon a Time season 3?
Yes and then no also. Miss seeing the old group..Red Riding Hood, etc.
I like the way Peter Pan showed up, but then I didn't realize he was so mean.

Beverly brooks
Agents of SHIELD Round Table: Series Premiere

Colson is my very favorite..I feel like one of the round tablers said he is a clone. I been waiting all summer for this show to begin and I was not disappointed. Looking forward to next week.

Beverly brooks

I feel this will be last season for CSI...ever show Jason Priestly shows up ends up going bottom up. I will defintely miss George Eads as he was on from the beginning. Sad.

Beverly brooks
Person of Interest Review: A New Dawn

Season pick up and ran with all characters getting on screen at once...Carter looked nice in blues.
Looking forward to next week.

Beverly brooks
Bones Review: Until Death Do Us Part

I can't believe as smart as these characters are protraying..won't Cami think maybe Pelant just might be behind the her identify theft. Oh writers get the Pelant and any more mention of him off the scene. I am getting a little fed up with Angela and her anger issue with Booth.

Beverly brooks

Looking forward to tonight's show.

Beverly brooks
The Blacklist Review: Scam or Second Chance?

Haven't watched it yet. Looking forward to it as I love to watch James Spader in most things.

Beverly brooks
Suits Review: Truth and Reconciliation

Simply one of the better summer shows. Too bad regular tv can't seem to find same type show. Suits never disappoint me.

Beverly brooks
Rizzoli & Isles Review: Bachelor #3

I don't like Martinez and feel he is dragging the show down. Wish to see Casey. Did like BT every much, hope he becomes a regular. Both girls deserve someone special in their lives.

Beverly brooks
The Glades Review: Left At the Altar

Cliffhangers,,,bah humburg! I just knew something was going to happen. Did not expect to see Jim shot! I feel like the this reviewer it was Tony. But then Ray's mother did act a little strange to me when she let Jeff out of the car. I supposed it's possible she did the shooting. Like others come on, A&E let us know quickly we will see another season.