Yes!!! I absolutely adore Gina Torres!

Arrow Round Table: "Legacies"

-pretty much anytime Oliver and Diggle share the screen together.
- LOVE IT!!! it is in fact a partnership and I love that. Diggle is the voice of reason and moral compass and he doesn't fear telling Oliver what he needs to hear. Their relationship is the best, strongest, and most interesting in the series. Everyone else pales in comparasion.
- not really interested. I guess I'd say Tommy because he and Laurel are somewhat interesting on screen together.
- don't know so going with it.
- don't know but I didn't miss him.

Scandal Round Table: "Spies Like Us"

-Tough. I love spy stuff so the intro to each spy was cool. So was the standoff and the cleaning up of the crimes fend. I also really, really loved the Livisson and Oluck friendship moments. With Steven gone Olivia really is missing out on her best friend. She's been closer to Huck and now closer to Harrison.
- I don't see anything that would suggest otherwise.
- Absolutely!! I cannot imagine what it is like for them to be asked to do these reprehensible things and then expected to go back to normal afterwards. To not have long lasting effects and scars. Loved huvk speech.
- James and David are like dogs with bones.
- that move with David was rough. Yes. She's never not faced repercussions for her actions. Sometimes she does bad things for the right reasons and to protect others. It has to account for something.

Criminal Minds Review: Semper Fi

Fantastic episode! It was the best one of the season so far Imho. Well timed. Many shows covered veterans and soldiers this week. Great acknowledgement.

Parenthood Review: Beginnings

Drew and Amy's a disaster waiting to happen. I love Amber's character because of how perceptive and in tune she is with people. In a way she excels her mother in being mature and stable. I think she's good for Ryan and vice versa. She handled everything that came up with him rather brilliantly. I understand Zeeks concern though.
I've always loved Crosby and he was a great support for Adam. When I seen the preview for next week's and heard their "weed "exchange I about fell off the couch laughing. Si next week he'll be my awesome Crosby. I felt for kristina and the better used Camille. This was a great episode, balanced out better than it has been thankfully. More of the characters outside of Kristina and Adam got to shine.

Covert Affairs Review: Baited, But Not Caught

I'm with you @Wednesday! Okay I wouldn't be done with the show if they killed Eyal off but I would be beyond livid and it would take until July for me to recover. I love his character. I loved how he truer yo redeem himself by sacrificing himself so that she could get away. I particularly liked the touching discussion they had at the hotel where they first spent time was deep and they've both grown so much since then. It was a great episode. I'm not surprised that Megan's dead but I am surprised how it happen. I liked the Battle Buddies story and the spotlight they put on it. I'm confused on the Henry stuff but what else is new.

Scandal Review: A Worn Path

Guillermo Diaz, Jeff Perry, and Bellamy Young were especially good and stand outs with this episode. That scene between Mellie and Cyrus was gold. Huck 's awkwardness balanced with his creepiness was awesome all throughout. I found the scene with the other Gladiators helping him prepare for his date especially adorable. It was like all the other siblings helping out their socially inept brother. I like Harrison and Abby interacting...its always amusing. I missed Fitz. Voter Fraud I hadn't expected and LOVED seeing Cy and Liv together at the end. That reminder that at one point they were close.

Person of Interest Review: Welcome to Suburbia

I missed Fusco and there wasn't much of Carter but aside from that it was another great episode. Reese in the suburbs was amusing. I love Bear and all the humor he provides. Zoe is always fun to watch even though it didn't seem to fit to call her in the way that they did. Just how much does she know about what Reese and Finch do? It sometimes seems implausible that she doesn't ask questions. I love how socially inept they both seem in dealing with normal people. And staying another night for poker? Sure. The machine background is continually enjoyable. I love the fondness Finch has with the machine...almost like a father /child bond. The machine feels more and more like a sentinel being.

NBC Green Lights Full Season of Chicago Fire


Boy Meets World Sequel Casting: Underway!

I'm kinda psyched! I mean yeah I still would have liked a made for Tv movie giving us an update on the original cast....because that would just be awesome, and it would be easier to watch a redux if I knew what happen to the past characters. Would have been cool if Rileys friend was a boy...and did Cory just take his brother's dream of being the next Mr.Feeny?