I'm not deaf but impression of this particular situation is that Emmett was raised to be proud of being deaf, by both parents. Almost to the point of considering anything else suggests that you are somehow not proud of who you are. So then he has his fickle father, if I'm being perfectly honest saying after 50 yrs of being deaf and fine, now he wants a CI most likely because his new gf has one. I think it's a combination of things for Emmett. Is his father not proud of who he is? Is he considering this just to impress a woman? Is he doing this for the right reasons? If he at 50 still struggles with his deaf identity than what does that say about Emmett in the future? On top of that his father gave his mother full custody which is like a rejection so Emmett is probably feeling as though his father is completely disassociating himself from emmett. Then Travis says he's considering it after what happen at the carwash which to emmett is another silly reason. But at least Travis is younger and makes a valid point about Daphne benefiting because she's more verbal.

Twisted Review: Infiltrating Enemy Camp

New guilty pleasure. I'd love if it were Serita but it would seem too obvious. I never would have thought of Rico at all. I've been suspicious of Archie since the beginning. I think he and regina were fooling around behind Lacey's back. The new development with the necklace has me certain that Danny is hiding something big, because the sheriff isn't asking the more important of how Regina got the necklace to begin with? I think there are many sides to regina that even her friends didn't realize and her killer may not be Danny or a fellow classmate at all. I have this love hate thing with Lacey. She's trying too hard to be bitchy but you can tell it isn't really in her which makes those times when she's being particularly bitchy (which was frequent in this episode) somehow more irritating to watch. I think the sheriff would be more tolerable if he didn't break rules to make his case. He isn't honorable which makes him more villainous than antagonistic. One dimensional too.

Devious Maids Review: Deliciously Devious

They upped the stereotypes and cliches. I had a feeling that would be an issue from the moment I heard about the concept. That aside, it was fun. All and all I enjoyed it!


I can't believe Daphne didn't realize how much her and John's politics differ. He's a republican to the bone. Where has she been? This isn't news. Emmett is being grossly underused. I miss him.


Why the pic of Bay and Ty? Not that I have a problem with it.:) I felt for Angelo. I'm far from a neatfreak but I do get really frustrated when the person I'm living with leaves their shoes in the middle of the floor! Hate it! I'm either stubbing my toe or tripping and falling while carrying something. And I don't know a single person short of sn entomologist who wouldn't be pissed about cockroaches. When you're staying with someone, you have to be considerate. I didn't think he was being nitpicky. I love them living together though because they all deserve that time.
I like the Brit. He's a jackass but a fun kind. I thought Bay was too far out of line with how she handled Toby. Whether or not he's mature isn't the issue. Its he and Nikki being compatible. They aren't. He doesn't respect, understand, care about and even mocks her faith. Her faith is what she puts first. She's inflexible in regards to it.
I can't believe Daphne didn't realize how much her and John's politics differ. He's a republican to the bone. Where has she been?


I was intrigued. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I did not read the book so I can enjoy the show as is, without comparing it to the novel. I definitely will keep watching!


I'm excited. I love Scott Foley and I enjoyed Jake as a character. I was so sad when he ended up in the hole. He was a great third point in the love triangle.

Chicago Fire Season 1 Report Card: A

You couldn't have told me in the beginning that this show would be this great. I agree with this.
-Best: A Coffin That Small. That was an incredible episode. Casey confronting the dealers. That sweet kid. That salute was one of the best moments on television.
-Worst:Premiere/2nd ep.
-Best Character: Severide and Casey. Agreed.
Honorable Mention. Definitely Boden. Agreed.
Worst :Cruz. Mills during the second half of season.
-Anything Boden says.

Switched at Birth Review: Families Unite

Bay is no picnic, and I say that as a Bay fan, but she really does always get the short end of the stick. I'm hopeful that maybe now she and regina can bond because they haven't really since the beginning. It's so unfortunate because she desperately seeks out a connection with someone and always feels like an outsider. I don't like the Kennishes. I really don't. I've tried to but they're snooty and entitled, judgmental, arrogant, and so much more. I'm not a huge Regina fan but at least she's more tolerable. Daphne has become just like them which sucks. I love Emmett. Love Travis and their bromance. The new Brit guy was hilarious. I really loved Ty being back. I smell a PTSD storyline. I look forward to him being on. Ugh Kathryn has 2 girls to harass, the wedding is about the bride, not the groom. The nerve of her to get all huffy.

The Client List Review: High Alert

Sleep with her husband and its when she has a houseful of kids who tend to get up in the middle of the night during sleepovers, two concerned friends, and an unlocked bedroom door? Seriously?! I just can't ...ugh. Now a 2hr season finale. This is not the kind of show worthy of a 2hr finale. I really don't know what happen with this show but it's ...uggh.