Elementary on CBS: First Full-Length Trailer

Well, you've done it again America.
Just another sad, pathetic rip-off of a great British series… If you want to watch a GREAT tv show about Sherlock Holmes then watch the BBC one, not this joke.
I mean come on!
Yeah, let’s have Watson be a hot female so there’s all this sexual tension between them, ‘cause that’s what it’s all about really… I so look forward to all the scenes when we’ll all get to marvel at Ms Liu’s fit body, because come on, that’s what Sherlock Holmes is all about, isn’t it?! Not the solving of crimes and the detective’s brilliant mind, ohh Nooo! Whoever did this is an effin’ moron. I haven’t been this angry in years, thanks a lot for ruining my day. :|

Cougar Town Season 4: Confirmed for TBS!

Yay! :D
So glad there's going to be a season 4! It's a really great show, it's sad that more people aren't watching..

Cougar Town Review: Krazy Kakes and Crazy Families

@veronica The quote you're looking for is "The people we love need to know that we are always on their side. You don't get a free pass just because you share the same blood. Being part of a family is something you gotta earn, otherwise, to hell with ya!"

Do Not Shoot!

I hope it's not Quinn, please NOT Quinn!!