And given Julian's typical short attention span, I hope she keeps it quiet until Julian shows he is able to survive a few relationship ups & downs. most of the family & coworkes already know. Given how much Julian is photographed, it is probably best for her undercover work.

Will Morena - I think this character is very poorly written and will need to be fixed in S2. From comments on Hulu, there is a rising resentment from men of color on the depiction - incompetent, unsympathetic, uncharismatic, rude, petty, jerk.

Arch Villain - I think we already got the hint that Robert & Haverstock are going to take each other on in S2. That should give us people we can hate. Both are loathsome.

For me, the weakest character is Sophia?


I am 100% addicted to this show. I love the epic family saga potential. I will agree that the scripts have not been uniformly good, but the show got next to no promotion and it was pitted against 2 powerhouse shows with established and dedicated following. And the worst possible lead-in - watching obese people struggle to lose weight straight to the top 0.1% living truly decadent lifestyles.

I think the ending was the result of having to fit 5 episodes into 3 (they lost 2 episodes - 11 instead of 13; after the first 8 were already filmed). I am not too disturbed about the way it ended. We the die-hard fans will get the series a 2nd season.

As for all the complainants, why would Joanna be in favor of having her relationship front & center after just a few nights? As a female, I like to keep my relationships quiet until it has had time to grow. And given Julian's typical short attention span, I hope she keeps it quiet until Julian shows he is able to survive a few relationship problems. Moreover, the only people in the family who do not know are Sophia (& possibly Robert).

The role of Will is very badly written. I hate that he is portrayed as incompetent, I think that is not fair to the FBI. Also, from comments on Hulu - there is a possible backlash from men of color because they perceive that role as a negative stereotype.

I really love this series and cannot wait for it to return


This episode saved this show! It hit all the right notes & gave the fans what they wanted. Joanna & Julian - read the show page on facebook, the fans are in heaven over it. And the relationship is not doomed - she is not investigating his family, she is trying to find out who murdered Julian's sister. While not coming clean at the beginning is not the best basis to restart a relationship, he can clearly understand that it was her job to be undercover. She has done nothing bad to anyone, so what is so horrible that he cannot forgive her?

And actually, getting Joanna fired frees her up to explore a different path, and gives the writers the opportunity to do something different.

Also, having Joanna & Julian as a unit blunts Robert, Julian is impulsive & the one child Robert still has in his corner. He will be careful not to turn Julian against him, so that may give Joanna some room to maneuver.

I think the show's chance of a 2nd season just increased exponentially because of this episode


Loved this episode. Started watching this show as a guilty pleasure but it is getting so good that can barely wait until monday for the next episode.

I love the way the characters are gradually being revealed,and we can see them both as individual & archetype.

Joanna - people, she is undercover as an abused woman who is very pretty. She cannot act like a cop or in ways that draw unncessary attention/scrutiny, that would blow her cover. Actually i think she is handling a very difficult assignment very well. Unlike revenge where the main character dislikes the Graysons, Joanna does not dislike the Bowers - she grew up with them. So there is no ruthlessness in her pursuit of them.