Dexter Season 8 Trailer

not really a trailer now, is it?

The Following Review: Love and Death

it's not really about the bad guys winning. it's just that this whole series is redonk to the honkulous. how can anyone actually take this piece o'crap seriously? or find it even remotely entertaining? it's so forced, it hurts.
it was really excited about it, when i read about the premise. but they just blew it. they blew it big time.

Red Widow Review: The Mob Wife

Holy shit, what is going on...
It sure wasn't perfect, but when I see how the last OUAT episode (wich sucked some serious balls and was just plain ridiculous) gets rated like 4.something stars and this gets rated so poorly, I don't know what is happening.
Well, just my opinion, but I get the feeling this show really gets misjudged.

Suits Season Finale Review: Not Today

Are you a fucking homophobic? Seems like it, so maybe you should shut the fuck up. Suits sucks now, by the way. There are very few likeable characters left, and as d2 said before, the show is beyond belief. Everything is so overly dramatic, I really can't stand watching it anymore.
Especially the whole last scene (Rachel slapping Mike and stuff) was just so ridiculous.

The Mindy Project Review: Hot Mess

I've only Anna Camp on this show, and admittedly she hadn't much of an appearance so far. But what I see of her, I honestly don't like. She is constantly smiling, even in the fight scene. Who could take her seriously?
Thank god, she was downgraded to recurring cast.
Besides that, this was a superb episode, as were the other episodes so far.
I know the ratings are pretty bad, but I really hope for this piece of originality to be alive for more than one season.


I have to say: This is by far, the best new comedy this season.
Mindy Kaling is both brilliantly funny and damn sexy.
Hope this series will go a loooong way!


Seriously, what the HELL is going on with all this peter/olivia fan rivalry.
This is really, really sick. You guys are maniacs, you do know that, yeah? I don't know what elese to say.
Unlike the majority here, as it seems, I totally enjoyed this season so far.
And as for Peter becoming an observer: I like where this is going. Can't hardly wait for the remaining episodes!

Arrow Review: Legally Resurrected

How the hell does Oliver Queen know Chinese, or whatever it was? :D
Besides that, it was an awesome episode. It really feels a little bit like Nolan's Batman, although Arrow is more cheesy and cliche. But I don't mind.

Dexter Review: A Stab at Rehab

So the preview at the end revealed that Yvonne Strahovski is finally making her appearance next week. Can't hardly wait!!


I haven't really watched so much devil-related series or films, so I had a pretty fun hour. I suppose it's going to be a mix of serial and freak of the week, and I'm looking forward to that.
Sure hope they don't try to make it like AHS. I personally find that show disgusting and sick.