The Finder Review: Rat Race

Back in episode order again...GREAT! This was a fantastic episode! Everything good about the show was there to enjoy. Loved Willa gwtting her "Walter" on, but hate the loan scam idea. "Lucy was right"...loved it!

The Finder Review: Moving Past

Another out of order episode!
Leo met Timo months ago yet the reading was the first?? I'm so confused.

The Finder Review: Deal or No Deal?

Definately an episide out if order. Nothing lined up with the track of the series. Plus, they've been using that "Does this count as my one phonecall?"bit as a clip in promos since beginning of series. Enjoyable episode. Just hard to watch because everything was so bass ackward thrown off. Oh, and Walter was trying to let Isabel know they already HAD her phone when he said that.
Loved the "will everybody who stole a piece of cutlery please put it on the table"! Don't know which was funnier, Willa having several or Leo's face when she put them all out. Funny stuff throughout. Walter's test for Willa when just waived at her going into jail because he knew she was going to shiw Leo something about her by who she wiuld call. It's the subtle little details I love about this show. Walter is so far ahead of thise around him that he does smartass things to help them catch up and be entertained by their getting there with him.


Totally agree! A fantastic episode from every angle. Love this show. Only thing confusing me is
HOW your review was posted before the show even aired?


For goodness sake, please all go and find "Sliding Doors" and watch a fantastic should-not-be-missed movie! And, yes, this was a terrific episode!
Tony & Kate? Never - but it was fantasy.
Tony & Ziva? Horrible as well. But we all have opinions don't we?


Have to replace my remote control because I broke the Volume Button and the 30-second Replay Button from trying to hear Reese on this show! LOL It gets rediculous at times. More Bridget Regan, PLEASE!
Bring those blue eyes back to stare at Reese and the camera.
You know he was distracted, just enough to make him actually smile.
He's got to go back for his haircut, doesn't he? Fantastic show and really excellent episode for what it accomplished in the show's evolution and dynamics. Storyline...not so much. But, the amount of detail that was squeezed into this ep that will propel the show from here was fantastic and superbly written. Oh, and to reiterate a comment from previous episode:
Yes, it is frustrating to watch and know that with all his skills Finch would have the the ability to make a camera doll that actually faces the right/inconspicuous way!!! C'mon!


No, no, no, no...FAIL! No way Shawn is ready for proposal. No matter how grown up he is becoming, concious or subconcious! He may just be going along with what he "think" Jules wants him to do. She summed things up perfectly, both when first leaving in the car and then walking along at the end. ANNNNND, there is no way Shawn would/should take the relationship to that level without Jules knowing the truth about his abilities. It would just be way too high a fall from that height in their relationship. No way Shawn proposes without asking newly-found Jules' Dad! Especially after all the bonding that was done. No way he doesn't old school it and ask for his blessing first...AND, gets him hysterically involved in a lame-brain production for over-the-top proposal scheme. No Woody? How could they have left out Woody on the guy's ("gentleman's") weekend? He has firmly been added to the group dynamic and would have been a wildly funny addition to the lame club scene. Love how Henry took the bar nap with him right away when they all went off to win the bet. Please don't let Lassie say "hizzle" again. No, Juliette would not have kept from switching automatically into detective mode the minute they found the break in. She is inherently a cop and she would have flipped the switch like a reflex. Great time with Shawn & Jules. They are so comfortable together.
Great moments, great guest stars, but overall disappointing.
Drop a grape...
"No one brought vegetables?"
"So YOU got all the lightbulbs!"


Tom Sizemore was primarily motivated to take the role (well that & paying for his various addictions) by the ability to make every police officer he ever encountered look bad. Yes, his acting is over the top, but he's seen first hand the "I've got a badge so I can do anything I want" that is inherently lived by police personnel all over all 50 states. This role is part of his own emotional payback! Better than anything Dr. Drew ever came up with for him. And, yes, Melia has got to have plenty of close friends that would have been part of that ceremony.

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