jo and alex needs to happen. i need to see a happy karev. and it only goes to show that she doesn't really have a level of trust with the other guy. she's too harsh on alex. he thought it would be basic info if you're dating someone.
i love that owen loves children but its affecting his relationship with cristina. i love my crowen but cristina is right that she's losing owen and he might leave her.
japril.. nuff said. it needs to happen. she needs to get rid of matthew.
meredith and derek. shonda better not pull any baby stunts. but i think mer might have to give birth during the super storm maybe.

Doctor Who Review: So that's Who...

i absoluteley adore the love the doctor has for each companion. when he said to the salvage brothers that the salvage of a lifetime was to them, the tardis, to him it was clara. ugghh. amazing.
sentimental doctor much. the toy tardis kid amy made. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE DOCTOR'S NAME!

Revenge Review: It All Comes Down To This

Amazing episode! the true sadness in victoria's eyes and how she asked nolan for help in finding her son. heartbreaking love seeing nolan and emily working together.
Even though i'm a true shipper of demily, i guess i'll have to respect emily's decision to love aiden. hate that she's just gonna be leading poor danny boy on.
charlotte come on. regina just wanted her 15 minutes of fame. she had something good with declan.
jack. come on. annoying. so is ashley. i mean come on, whose side are you on.

Mike Kelley Out as Revenge Showrunner

noo, am i the only one still rooting for revenge. its soo good


I do not want to know the doctor's name.
the entire show is Doctor WHO?
So probably, Moffat would spin the episode telling why the Doctor chose the name Doctor. because that's who he is.

Doctor Who Review: Always

theres actually a theory that clara represents the show itself. there's a whole thing that takes into account all her timey wimey gaps and stuff.
great episode

Revenge Spoilers: Look Who's Engaged!

i hope she falls back in love with him. i would hate it if she's just doing it for her revenge plot.
really hope nolan doesn't die

Revenge Season 2 Finale: Who Will Die?

emily and aiden are safe. he started mid season.
victoria has to be safe since she already had her fake death.
hopefully its ashley
just not aiden or daniel.
if it is jack, this'll fuel emily's revenge to an all time high. if its declan, this'll fuel jack. but it all depends on how the victim dies.


its CROWEN! :D
can't wait for the next episode.

Revenge Review: Hunting Season

crazy!! ugh, cant get over it. That was really crazy