I really liked the episode, especially the Lemon scenes. However, the writers don't need to make me like her because I already do. I think the only episode in which I didn't really like her in was the first one, where you only really see her as this complete bitch to Zoe and as this woman, who obviously had something going on behind her fiance's back. While she is both of those things, she isn't just those things, and I think that the writers are doing a good job with revealing her layers. I would love to see an arc where Lemon finds herself. She always wants to be the person she thinks her mother would be if she were still around--this was fairly obvious tonight when she went to see her mother (Meredith Monroe??? Really? She can't be that much older than the actress that plays Lemon.), who was wearing the same style of dress that Lemon wears. I would love to see her let loose a bit because she is just so proper--we saw a little of that when she helped George and Wade pull a prank on their old high school bully.

I am so glad that Zoe seemed to realize that she deserves better than a man who is in a committed relationship, even if neither he nor his fiance seem all that committed to the relationship. (I mean, come on! He obviously has feelings for Zoe and Lemon obviously still loves Lavon!) I'm really looking forward to something developing between Zoe and Wade, who is probably my favorite character. I don't know how she hasn't seen the way he feels about her--maybe she was too blinded by her attraction to George, but I just wanted to wack her over the head to get her to see what Wade really wants to be to her.


I agree with @Megan. Finn should have known better than to call Santana out in the middle of a crowded hallway after everything that happened with Kurt last year. How could he think nobody would care? These are the people who voted Kurt Prom Queen last season; I doubt they would have changed between May and November. Sure, Karofsky is gone (and had stopped being an ass), but the majority of that school is homophobic--how could Finn have forgotten?

I really wish Glee was going to be on next week because I can't wait to see where they take this next. I knew there was going to be an episode where Santana came out to her parents, but I didn't think it would be to stop them from being poleaxed by some homophobe's campaign ad.

I loved the fact that Bert and Will went to Sue with the tape. I think that it was great that they showed a united front to Santana, and I really think that all 3 will be there for her. I also think that it actually taught Sue a lesson. I find it interesting that Sue didn't mention Kurt in her video about Bert and his wife; based on the ad from the other guy, that type of thing would have been very effective in alienating Bert's supporters. It seems that she has limits. It would be great if both Bert and Sue came out against the other guy...Reggie?

Like everyone else, I loved the Adele mash-up. It and the slap, which I think Finn deserved, were the best parts of the episode.


"Agree with the booty call assessment here. I'd even say anything after midnight is one. Don't answer your calls! Or do, depending."

According to How I Met Your Mother, anything that happens after 2AM is bad, and I think that really applies in this situation. I thought it was sweet that Johnny asked her to be his lookout, but I figured something bad would happen. It is way too soon for them to get together--at least in tv world. IRL they would have been together already, but IRL and TV life are 2 totally different things.


i really think that this is the best season premiere Psych has had in awhile. It may be just me, but each season starts off pretty slowly. This was just great. I loved the lie detector scene, part of which i had seen over the summer in a preview.

Was anyone else creeped out by Woody? I'm kind of worried that he actually goes in to brush the dead bodies' hair.

I don't think that Lassie was "being a big baby about Juliet dating Shawn." He was hurt that she didn't tell him about it. I thought it was really big of him not to go running to the chief about the relationship, which is what Shawn and Juliet were worried about because of what Shawn accidentally did in the pilot. I completely understand what he was feeling, although asking for a new partner (and the use of the polygraph machine) was a little much.

I cannot wait until next week's episode, despite being probably the only person under 30 to not have seen The Hangover. The thing i am most interested in is why Woody is there. You would think Henry would still be weirded out over his behavior in the morgue.


I have to say that I am glad that Seamus Deaver was let go from General Hospital a few years back. He was too good for the poor writing his character had been given by former head writer Robert Guza, and if his character hadn't been killed for shooting a mob boss's son in the head, we probably wouldn't be able to watch him on Castle. He was great in Monday's episode, and it is great to see a show that is worthy of him--unlike GH, which at the moment is unworthy of even the worst actor in Hollywood.


I'm confused. If Peter never existed, which is what the Observers (and the reviewer--hi, Reviewer!) said, how can Walter remember his death and crossing over to the other universe to get the other Peter? is this a big plot hole or is it that since Peter seems to be returning that those involved with him are starting to remember him?


The reason Glee is taking a break until November is because of baseball. I don't understand why sports need to invade network television when there are a dozen cable channels dedicated to it, but apparently Fox believes that it is more important to show this crap than it is to air a scripted television show with millions of fans.

Anyway, Rant over.

I really enjoyed the episode. Mercedes was being a total bitch, and I think it is mostly this new boyfriend's fault. I get he was supposed to be encouraging her to go for her dreams, but the way he did it was just wrong. He should not have told her to stop being friends with Rachel because they were competing for the same role and for solos with the chorus. There are better ways for him to encourage Mercedes--he could have suggested practicing her dance moves or working on increasing her range. Yes, Mercedes is a good singer, but she is lazy. She doesn't want to learn the dances for New Directions, so she'll probably feel the same way about West Side Story.

Also, the reason they chose the song from Dream Girls was to show that Mercedes felt that she was being picked on the way Effie was. The difference of course was that while Effie was legitimately being picked on, Mercedes was not. She was put in the Booty Camp because she needs to practice her dancing and Mr. Shue knew that she wouldn't do that on her own. Her problem was that she believed that Rachel should have been there as well. Maybe she should have, but if there is one thing that Will doesn't have to worry about is Rachel practicing when she needs to. I don't think that Mercedes understands that in order to succeed she needs to work on her craft. She seems to think that she should have all of the best solos handed to her. I hope that this will have her growing up a bit. She has lost everything that has ever really mattered to her; switching to Shelby's choir isn't going to get her anywhere, and she'll be crawling back to the New Directions soon.

The reason Kurt was so hurt by the fact that Rachel decided to run for senior class president was because he considered her his friend--probably his best friend. Also, he was probably worried that with her running, it would split the outcast vote. Brittany is insanely popular, and I think Kurt knows that he is going to need every last vote he can get to defeat her. By splitting the outcast vote, Rachel has pretty much handed the election over the Brittany (who I would rather be president over either Rachel or Kurt).


Of the first group, I only really liked the Pentatonix. I hated Sonos, and I felt they were the ones that should have been eliminated instead of Messiah's Men, although I wasn't crazy about them either.

I loved both North Shore and the Deltones. I thought they were the best of the night. I hated the Collective. The soloist's voice is horrible. I liked Soul'd Out, and I don't think they should have been eliminated.


What was your favorite scene in the episode?

Definitely when Puck went to see Shelby and Beth. I love seeing the softer side of him.

What was your favorite song from the episode?

Something's Coming. I can't stand West Side Story, but that was really good. Close second: Somewhere. I just love Idina Menzel, and she and Lea Michele's voices sound so good together. That was some great casting.

Would you vote for Kurt or Brittany?

Who else is running? I don't think I would vote for either of them. Like someone else said, Kurt is really self-centered and even a little immature. Brittany is just a little too slow to be class president (although, i do think she's smarter than the last president we had).

Are you glad Shelby is back?

Yes. When she left in the first season, it felt like a lot was left unsaid. I like the idea of Puck being in Beth's life--I'm not so keen on Quinn's involvement. Everything is all about her not about Beth. If she really wanted to do something good for Beth than she wouldn't want to take her away from the only mother she has ever known. She is being very selfish, and I am interested in seeing if Puck will try to talk her out of it. I am also looking forward to the development of a relationship between Rachel and Shelby. There are a lot of hurt feelings there. Rachel needs to deal with her abandonment issues, and I think the only one who can help her is Shelby.

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I for one loved the episode. I understand that people were disgusted by the violence portrayed in it, but this is what happens. Dahmer drilled wholes into his victims' skulls and poured acid in them because he wanted to make zombies. It wouldn't be Criminal Minds if they didn't sometimes go into hardcore stuff.

I loved the scene at the end, but I didn't get the feeling that Reid has forgiven them yet. I think he has decided to try to forgive, I also got the feeling that Morgan is better at hiding his hurt than Reid is. I don't believe that he has forgiven yet either.