Scandal Review: A Family Affair

This episode was one of the best ! Well written. Olivia finally realized that she is the help. She cleans up after them. Mamma was right.
But damn that episode was full of goodness. Almost gave me a whiplash !
From Mellie, to the kids , to Fitz and Olivia, to Andrew, to Jake and Rowan, to The Spy Triangle that is Hick/Quinn/Charlie and finally Adnan and Harrison. Just amazing. I cannot believe that the finale is almost there !

Suits Review: Ties That Bind

This episode was brilliant. So sad as well, well written. I am sad to see Sheila go. However, Louis asking her to marry without properly knowing her was a bad move. And the scene was heartbreaking... Her crying on her way out, him just sitting there... Donna going to Harvey and telling him to make the call was only fitting.
I knew it was Louis who had the heart attack. But it still was... The fact that Harvey knew he was allergic to flowers and warned them about it said an awful lot !
Every Louis/Donna scene was amazing.
Jessica's talk to Louis was long overdue. And I agree, if he complains that no one cares about it at the firm, I'll slap him !
Now, Rachel, way to go ! I felt sooo bad for her AND Louis when she went to him for advice. Humiliating that was. But he was right. She should have known better. And she definitely learned from it. Getting Jessica to back down, I felt like Rachel was in court already.
I think Mike SHOULD take the offer, but I know he won't. Suits without the dynamic duo that is Harvey and Mike, it just isn't Suits anymore !
Cannot wait for the next episode !

Once Upon a Time Review: A Life for a Life

Now that was a sad episode. I was on the verge of tears. Seeing Emma and Rumple so heartbroken was really hard to watch. Bae/Neal was not my favorite but it was still sad as he'll never met Henry. However, I agree that he might come back. Also, there is more hope for Hook and Emma though, not now. She will be grieving and won't allow anything to happen.
Zelena is out ! Finally ! Rumple had to tell who she was. I did notice that he was more mad than usual especially as being back in Storybrooke. In the EF it makes sense. In SB, not so much. Now however, it does make sense.
What does Zelena want with that baby. I have asking that question for a while. It's creepy. That orange juice definitely didn't help. I am so glad she won't get near Snow again. Though maybe the damage is already done...
Finally, Regina and Robin. Man I cannot wait for these two to get serious. I kept asking for Regina to see that tattoo, now she has. When she remembered who was meant to be, the look on her face... Then in the woods, when she was watching him, REgina, he is there now. You can do it. Though I suspect that a lot more happened in the EF. I cannot wait !

Suits Review: Ties That Bind

So do I !!!!!!!!!!!

Arrow Review: So Many Lies, At What Price?

The episode was okay. The Huntress vs Black Canary was not as great as it could have been. Oliver was wrong and Sara telling him was interesting. But he does that a lot. He can do things, but when it come to others to do the same, they can't.
Also, taking Thea away from Roy was a BIG mistake. She was the only thing keeping him from going crazy. Now, that she's been taken, no one will be able to control him.
Felicity and Diggle, as brief their scene was, they had me laughing. Gosh, these 2 need MORE SCREEN TIME !!!!
Now, honestly, Laurel not realizing BC was her sister was just wrong. However, she is definitely sorting her life out and when she blackmailed the DA, I had to give her props. She is standing her ground.
Thea telling Ollie he was the only not keeping secrets from her had me laughing. Man when she finds out, there's gonna be hell to pay and then some. Slade took Thea... Yeah, now the game is starting. And I agree, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Malcolm Merlin in the next few episodes.

Arrow Review: So Many Lies, At What Price?

The phone call was so like REALLY ! He calls the Arrow and at the same time Oliver's phone starts ringing ! If he didn't know before, now he's gonna pay attention.

Arrow Review: So Many Lies, At What Price?

I thought that was so bad ! She was sitting so close to her and yet did not recognize her sister ! BS.

Revenge Review: The Stroke of Midnight

Daniel has been doing my headache for a while now. Despicable character and very annoying. Sure Ems used him good bla bla bla, made him the monster he is today. But come on, the guy just doesn't deserve any passes anymore.
Now, Victoria is onto something ! This will be interesting.
I am also glad that the "Let's clear David Clarke's name" SL is back !
Pascal Lemarchal is gonna get Sharpied !!!! Margaux, get out while you can.
Ems and Jack as end game, heck no !

Once Upon a Time Review: Fighting Fear

Finally got to comment on this. Hated the Rapunzel storyline. So disappointing ! Apart from that, the rest was great. Now, I'm a bit tired of the Wicked Witch. Her being around the baby is scary. What does she want. What did she do? Did she have something to do with Snow being pregnant ? Nah, that might be a stretch.
Regina and Henry were so cute.
I can't believe they came so close to finding Rumple. Though in Storybrooke, he is more Rumple than Mr Gold. Why is that ?

Suits Review: Take a Step Back

Solid episode ! That new nemesis of Harvey's was gooooood ! It was nice seeing Harvey getting a taste of his own medicine ! Loved it ! What a trickster that Stemple !
Now Jessica had a point, Mike should have known and realized by now : he can never go in the spotlights ! But I also don't think that he can hide from them . They will find him.
Louis and Scottie were fun to watch, however Louis ended up being a pathetic loser. I hated it ! You could tell Harvey wanted their new acquired friendship to work. Well it all went down the drain. Now will Scottie get over that, I doubt it. I cannot wait for the next episode !