Once Upon a Time Review: The Resilient Heart

What a fabulous episode ! through and through ! Christine, you are not the only one. I have been fed up with Zelena's whining for a while now. Though Rumple had me worried. Hell, I thought him KISSING her was strange . But it confirm that she loves him alright. Rumple, YOU WILL KILL HER !
I just LOVED Regina and Snow in this episode. Everything was great.
Hard to watch was Emma trying to joke around Hook... That burden...
Now the ending had me squealing ! Top notch that was ! You go Regina !

Once Upon a Time Review: The Resilient Heart

Are you talking about the episode where she had to spin straw into gold for an entire crowd in a palace ? If so, this was not King Leopold's kingdom. That is where she met Prince Henry, Regina's father. If I remember correctly... I may be wrong.

Arrow Review: Red Herring

Up until it happened I thought it wasn't real... I kept thinking that this was a nightmare... Moira... That woman was flawed but great. The actress who played her was fabulous.
Oliver will never forgive Slade. EVER ! Thea is going to go down the rabbit hole... Moira was definitely about to reveal Malcom's status.
I actually thought Slade wanted Moira to win.. Was I wrong ?
Oliver really did wrong by Roy... I hope they can save him. That rampage was hard to watch yet fascinating...
Bye Sara or see ya later. Wonder where she's going. Asking The League for help ?
Oliver has a kid ? WOW ! Man, he was awful to Laurel. Olicity ain't never gonna happen. Baby Mama love seems like the next plan...
This season is gonna end with a BANG !!!

The 100 Review: Jumping Ship

I thought so too.

Game of Thrones Review: It's For the Best

What an awesome episode ! This season is on fire !

Once Upon a Time Review: The Resilient Heart

I'm thinking that this had to be Cora's revenge...

Scandal Review: The Devil In Disguise

I will be honest, this finale did not get my blood racing. I literally checked my pulse and it was normal. Rowan's plan was not even a shocker ! We all knew he wanted to be command again and would do anything to get there. I even thought his speech to Fitz was weird. Now, I will get back to it all later but, yeah, this was not Scandal worthy. In the end, Fitz did not win fairly. After 21 minutes I was like, nah, this is way too easy and early. Boy I was right. This finale was a mere shadow of Scandal's former self...

Arrow Review: A Flash of What's to Come

They're not so young that they are teenagers. The girl is 26 and the actor that plays Barry is 24...

Game of Thrones Review: It's Only Wine

Man, Joffrey's death was a long time coming ! I am soooo happy. Though , when it happened in the series is surprising, but oh well ! IT FINALLY HAPPENED ! Honestly, writers well done ! Now, Jack Gleeson did Joffrey's character justice. His portrayal was sublime. He will be missed. Such a shame, he's so talented. But I hope he succeeds in his studies.
The wedding was just wow. Oberyn's reminders to Cersei had me laughing so hard. Her face was priceless ! Lady Cersei ! Amazing.
Now, I felt so bad for Tyrion. Joffrey's humiliations knew no boundaries. The way he battered that book... Then the dwarves, then the cup, it just kept coming. Sansa well done. Loved that she stood by Tyrion. Margery's , Olenna's and Varys'disgust was so palpable. She tried to stop Joffrey though. But Cersei and Tywell laughing was just wrong. And the last straw, accusing Tyrion. Now, I know who it is and I cannot wait to see how he writers will make that come to life.
Loved that Brienne kept her cool. Cersei is a B*tch and honestly, I can't wait for her time to come as well.
Tyrion breaking up with Shae was so heartbreaking but it had to be done !
Loved the scene between Tyrion and Jamie. And then Bronn and Jamie. I want more !
Now, onto Ramsay. Man that scene with the girl and the dogs... WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!! His time WILL COME ! Please writers ! Theon/Reeke is a goner. Ramsay broke him proper...
Bran and the tree. Now that was powerful ! I cannot wait to see more and when he'll find who the crow is.
Episode 3, come quick !

Once Upon a Time Review: A Tortured Hero

Hmmmm I like that very mucho ! Though the idea of him kissing Zelena... though it's for the greater good... The one that could do it would be Rumpel. She loves him. Now that would be interesting.

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