This episode was awesome ! I agree with you Chris, Bran "killing" Locke by warging Hodor was intense. And Jon killing Karl the way he did left me with my mouth hanging opened ! That was quite a show. Don't know which one trumps the other. They were both fantastic !
Cersei and Margery's talk was unusual. I seriously thought that Cersei was going to say something vile to her. But nope, she acknowledged the fact that Tommen needed more than his mother. Now, I could see Margery bracing herself for some verbal bitch-slap, but none came. Best part was the "He shocked me" line.
Oberyn should watch his back. I too noticed that Cersei was sweet talking him as he is one of the judges in Tyrion's trial. Same for her dad. They are broke, not a scoop, as Tyrion figured it out when he was made Master of Coins.
Pod and Brienne were funny. At least she acknowledged him.
Baelish is a force to be reckoned with ! That Lysa, we knew she was crazy, now how much is what we didn't know ! I was so glad we got spared the breastfeeding scene. But, unfortunately, as Sansa did, we had to endure Lysa's passionate screams. Cringe-worthy that was. Sansa will need strength . That woman is paranoid AND crazy, bad combination. So Baelish made her poison her husband ? I remember her being oh so depressed over his death. LOL !
Bran and co had me worried. I wanted Jon to see him but as Jojen said, he would never let him go. Loved it when Jon and Ghost got reunited.
Now Dany made the right decision. She needs to rule and take care of things before going to Westeros. I cannot wait to see how that will go.
I can't believe we are halfway through season 4 either!!!!

Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

Yeah, I thought that was pretty dumb too. She kissed him and then I waited for the chest compressions, but nope, he just came back to life ! Like that ! Wish she'd have kissed him in a different situation.

Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

Loved the episode but it was flawed. The pendant, big mistake on Regina's part. Shoulda destroyed it ! She can be such a hoarder sometimes !
Now, the ingredients reminded me so much of the Witches attributes ! That was interesting. Really enjoyed the Oz scenes.
Rumple "killing" Zelena was understandable but the mess they will be in is his fault. He really couldn't sit this out. I really hope Belle is going to be forgiving on that one. Switching the daggers though, so much for trust !
Poor Snow, it was hard watching her lose her baby to Zelena... I was really pissed at how easy she kept throwing Regina, I mean SERIOUSLY ! She went through their defenses like a hot knife through butter ! Congrats Snow, it's a boy !
I liked how Hook told Emma about how scared she is. But man the woman bitch-slapped him with her words. Very harsh. As much as I love Captain Swan, it is hard to watch Hook pin over Emma like that. Anyways, she kissed him, sure to save his life, but at least she did it. It cost her her power. Is it really gone though ?
I really enjoyed the fact that it was Regina who "defeated" Zelena. Henry's pep talk did the trick. However, she is not a hero. But like she said, she was, today.
Now, they are going back in time. But who's life will be changed ? They stopped Zelena from jumping through the time warp. I just finished watching the episode and I already cannot wait for the 2 hour season finale !

Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

I honestly thought that Regina, smart Regina, was going to destroy the pendant ! Fine, don't kill Zelena, but at least destroy the source of her magic PROPERLY !

The 100 Review: Thank You

Okay, I am finally gonna comment on this show. I started watching it 4 episodes in and I found it very fascinating. When they killed Wells, i was angry. That character had so much potential ! That was a very odd move.
This episode was amazing. The Grounder's scenes were so intense. Clarke voting for torture was a decision made out of desperation. And I agreed with Octavia that she was just trying to make herself feel better afterwards.
Now, while they were torturing the man, I was thinking, Octavia stab yourself with it and he'll give the antidote away. They clearly have a connection. And he protected her. That was the only thing that would make him react. I cannot wait for more of these two. HE TALKED ! I kept wondering if he understood the language ! I still wonder and really am looking forward to the rest of that story. What's his name ???
Bellamy's anger is something boy ! There were so many emotions in his actions. He and Clarke were blinded by them.
Raven and Clarke's triangle is a very interesting take on the usually boring love triangle. But Finn and Clarke's chemistry cannot be denied and Raven can see it too. How long will the charade last ? Fair play on Clarke's part but it will not work when one's feelings are for another.
Clarke confronting her mom was about time ! Now I will wait until we know the full story as I know there is more to it. A woman like Abby could not have simply got her husband killed. So yep, I will wait.
Kane's change was very interesting. A despicable character he was to begin with. Now, he has a conscience ! The difference between him and Jaha was well made. Not so long ago, Jaha was the compassionate one, but things are different. That Diana woman, what a snake ! I think Kane saw it too, but jaha was too blind. The man that kept making trouble was working with her. She will end up ousting Jaha from the Council. The Project Exodus is just plain wrong ! 2,237 people and only 700 can go on Earth ?? WTF !
This show has grown so much in just a few episodes ! I cannot wait for the rest !

Chicago PD Review: Chicago United

OK ! First time watching the show. I NEEDED some closure form the other episode. So Glad Shay is okay. Knew she would be but still. That girl is a trooper.
Them 2 little girls... I knew where they were going with the story and didn't like it. But, it had to be done. It was so sad though. Holly lost her sister to save Burgess's niece...
Voight, no he is the man ! Loved him all the way . The scene on the roof was so good. His interaction with the FBI was so like him. And Boden and him shaking hands was just the icing on the cake.
Now, I love Jay and was so distracted, found myself saying "Hi Jay" everytime he was on screen lol.
Dr Arata, that is really a no-nonsense kinda guy ! I hope we see more of him !
Mills and Cruz were just AWESOME !! Heroes all the way !
Antonio kicking that guy was right. WTF !
Now, Severide ??????? When did this happen ! I so need to watch this show ! ASAP ! Lindsay you lucky girl !

Chicago Fire Review: All In Until the End

LOOOL. I just watched the CPD episode !!!! OMG, I NEED to catch up yo ! Severide ?!!!!!! WHEN did this happen !

Chicago Fire Review: All In Until the End

Your theory is very plausible. BUT, I hope they don't go there... for obvious reasons.

Chicago Fire Review: All In Until the End

OMG ! I literally was left with my mouth hanging opened when the bomb went off... And to think that 1 minute earlier I was thinking that Casey was oh so not gonna slip and hit his head. SHOCK !
The episode was INTENSE !!!! Loved it ! Now, I have never watched Chicago PD but to get closer I will watch the part 2. Sidenote : Hi Jay !
Now back to it, when the chief , Mills and Cruz went for that bomb, I could not breathe ! Mills, YOU ARE THE MAN !!!
Can someone please remind who Burgess is ?
Shay is such a badass but girl, come on ! I was scared for Gaby as well. Casey was sublime. I honestly thought tha the whole scene was brilliant, the way the guys cheered when they found out she was alive, priceless. Gave me goosebumps !
Dr Arata is the ish ! that man has no time to waste, I love him !
Them security detail ! They were gonna roll over somebody to save that man ? Like REALLY ?
What was that with the Fire Commissioner ? Glad they walked away from his stupidity !
Now, them little girls ? Wtf ! I hope they're saved. Still remember that kind stuck in the chute !
Cannot wait for the 2nd episode !

Game of Thrones Review: Justice Trumps Mercy

I really enjoyed that episode ! Sure it lacked the panache of the previous 3, but nonetheless was great.
I think Dany's "justice" made sense. She was right to do it, the freed slaves deserves to see their captors suffer the way they children did. Now we can move on !
It was so nice to see Grey Worm talking and all. Ha he does like that girl.
Now Olenna, I knew how it all went down for Joffrey and who did it. The way they used Sansa was different but still similar. Margery's face when she realized what truly happened was priceless. Loved it. Olenna's little tale on how she snatched her sister's fiancee was interesting. Her "I was good, really good. But you are better" was awesome. And indeed Margery has some nice game of her own. Loved her interaction with Tommen. She did seduce him, but not in an "adult" way. I cannot wait to see more.
Jaimie and Tyrion's talk was really interesting. Loved it. Cersei and Jaimie are done now. He knows Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey and realized that Cersei just wants Tyrion dead.
Now Jaimie and Brienne ? LOVED LOVED LOVED ! I will miss these 2 together. Podrick, what a loyal little lad. That was a sad moment when he said goodbye to Tyrion. I cannot wait to see how Brienne and him interact.
Jon needs to get to his brother asap ! Man, the whole part beyond the wall was plain wrong. Now, that was rape what happened to the Craster's girls. The drinking from Mormont's skull was just... yeah, disgusting. Poor Hodor as well...
Cannot wait to see how Bran gets out of that situation.
AND the White Walkers took that baby and di what ? Thurned it into one of their own ! Does it mean that they grow older and all ? I'm intrigued...