They said the villian will be developed and revealed through out the season!
So it's either Bonnie or Elena go Mad! I could imagine Elena on a rampage! Or both of them go GaGa together! I wouldn't mind! ;)

Beauty and the Beast: First Look!

hate this show just for taking the SC time slot! no chance for me! i watch to many shows already!

Emily Owens M.D.: Sneak Peek!

I quite liked this little sneak peak! I love emily and Max(hartley character) being bff's! He as the cool kid and she as the out-sider! If they promote it well it can catch somr solid ratings! :D

Arrow on The CW: First Look!

He should just get an Emmy for those ABS! amazing truly! Tremendous! Looks quite interesting! The cast for this show is great so I think it could be the new hit on CW just keep the story action filled but believable! :D

The CW New Show Photos: Revealed!

They over photo-shopped this poor girl! Every positive thing I saw in the first pic out, now is erased with this barbie doll LOOK! Sad!


Really strange!
They shifted 90210 last season to tuesday from this time slot and now they are brinning it back! ????
Interesting The CD only half season! Nice twist! They won't over do it! MAybe 15 eps!?
Medical tuesday oK! Could work!?
I predicted Supernatural and Arrow being together but thought it will be fridays!
Think the B&B won't work after VD!
ANTM and Nikita weird oK!
BUT where is CULT!?
and we will die without The SC!? U know that!


S9 will be called How I MARRIED Ur mother ! Great IDEA :D
Can't wait to see how it play's out!


Let's say the Derena conclusions! He would let her in his heart if she didn't played games as always!
2Last finales!
It was better than the Last 2 was really wasn't hard to TOP! :D
BAD CHOICE! She choose again the auto destructive one and in really situations they would be over done! But for the fans they will play it cool!
4.Derena !
Hot of course! But Please cut Dan's Hair for s6!
They are BFF's and no one can cut that wounds!
Lilly ditching R! Thought she changed! But Power is stronger than Love! UES Law
7.Gossip boy!
of course! Why not!? but who!? a lost soul? Eric would be to strange!
playing UES bff's! they are heading for a HappyEnding! But the UES stars are auto destructive and it doesn't fit!


nice raise for GG! Chair fans are bacK! And they deserve it was a solid episode!


Please tell me who is surprised that Bart scrwed over C!? He never looked him as wordy! He always played games with him and manipulated him the way he wanted to!
B didn't made the right choice! She choose the guy that only hurt her and they function only when one of them is miserable!
They will probably last but just to make the viewers happy! In real life no chance in hell! To selfish both!
Serena is only enjoyable with Dan or mean! So it's nice! There will be some suicide attempts and Dan will come and save her skinny a**!
I loved Ivy till the 2nd half of season5 maybe she gets back into our grace with some kick under Lillys belt!
Jenny needs to open some of Chairs scars and make a deep cut! :D :P
I think Eric's it! Not Dan! He would write better about himself! So it's probably some angry Ex! We must find out!