Mad Men Review: We Are Made By History

Ugh, I grow to dislike Harry more and more every week.
Yes, I understand that he definitely has progressed but he is so petty and so immature, and he has no frikkin idea how to handle himself to the point where it's embarrassing.
Also, he had no right to call out on Joan because her success has nothing to do with his. If we talk of assets, Joan is a huge asset to SCDP as well.
Did anybody else notice how he shushes her at the awards? I bet he wouldn't have done that had it been anybody else.


Unfortunately, Artie and Sam's reactions were very realistic, but other than the fact that nobody explains to them how wrong it is, I'm surprised that Artie was the one who acted this way. He's usually the most mature. I would've expected something like this from Jake. Very disappointed in Murphy. This was the perfect opportunity to explain to the youth how messed up sexual abuse is.
And I'm glad that Kitty's storyline included sexual molestation because it is very, very, very common. That being said, it was handled horribly. (I don't mean I'm glad Kitty was molested...I meant the story.)

Mad Men Review: Dueling Pitches

Agree with Steve. Why is Joan barely mentioned in this review?


Okay, Margaery needs to have more screen time. I'm loving the way she's twisting Joffrey. She's the only one that can put a leash on him and not even have him notice it's there. (I almost wish they would change the book's storyline.) Did not see the Wall treachery coming. LOVED Dany. I knew it was going to happen, but my God, the strength in her performance, and the smiles of her companions. Wow. Brienne and Jaime are perfect. I'm enjoying Jaime's character development. I have to say, it's quite a surprise I enjoyed an episode so much that had so little of Tyrion.


Margaery was so wonderful. She's quickly becoming one of my favourites.

Glee Review: Dirty Little Secrets

Oh, that comment wasn't aimed at Leigh. Just generally what I thought somebody should have said to Jake in the episode.

Glee Review: Dirty Little Secrets

I'm not a fan of Rihanna at all, but I would just say that you can't judge somebody who has been through an abusive relationship. Yes, a lot of people look up to her, and they shouldn't, but when you're in a place like that, it's very hard to leave. And if your abuser calls you back, you are very likely to go crawling back to them. That poor girl needs love and support to understand that she deserves so much better. Not hate for not being able to get out a dangerous relationship. Chris Brown is a frikkin DOUCHEBAG. And his music should not be appreciated, because he's not harming himself. He's harming others.

The Walking Dead Review: Running Scared

Your latest reviews of TWD have been way off. It seems you're letting your feeling for the characters bias your view of the show. This was a brilliant episode, very intense, and I was trembling when they showed the Governor's torture room and all his instruments. And my heart was beating to the score.

The Walking Dead Review: Talk Talk Bang Bang

I completely agree with Larry! This show is about humans in a zombie apocalypse and how their lives are changed because of it. Not goddamn zombie battles. I didn't find the episode to be slow at all.
My main issues with this episode was just that Tyreese? Where did he just disappear to? Hello? Even the preview for next week had no mention of him.
Poor Daryl. I'm not sure I totally understood though? His father molested him? Or beat the shit out of him? Those were some awful scars.
I initially thought it was Andrea in the bus there to stop the Governor! Damnit Andrea! God damn you! You deserve no redemption.

Glee Review: The Runaway Bride

Uh, what is up with everybody? Quinn's not gay, it was a one time thing that totally makes sense. I love how neither of them took it seriously and it was just lust between two friends, that didn't ruin their friendship.
I love love loved Finn for the very first time in Glee ever. Yay for mature Finn! Don't suddenly de-mature.
Emma's singing was awesome.
Can somebody tell me how Rachel finds out Brody's a prostitute? I forwarded through the song.
As for Rachel's pregnancy, wtf. I hope it's a scare.

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