Emmy Wish List: Supporting Actor in a Comedy

I know this never happen, but he was so amazing this year and made Psych so amazing, Dule Hill as Burton Guster.

Emmy Wish List: Outstanding Comedy Series

Cougar Town

Cougar Town Review: Riding Off To TBS

The Grayson storyline made sense to me. He has always been the loner of the group, and even though he comes over to Jules house, he does a lot of other things with the group hessitantly. You can sense that while everyone else in the group(maybe not travis) is extremely extroverted, he is slightly introverted. Just my 2 cents.

NCIS Season Finale Review: Until Death Do They Part

First time poster, and I have watched NCIS too many times on USA, CBS and my DVD's. I have a couple comments and theories on what will happen. -McGee, could be dead. Getting the worst out of the way. My friends and I have noticed that this season, Sean Murray, as a person (not the character), has been extremely pale, and his voice has become extremely weak.(Compare this season to the season before and it is pretty evident) So we have been wondering if the actor has some sort of ailment. If he does, and it impairs his ability to work a full season, this might be the perfect time for NCIS to get Tim out. Plus, I believe he has yet to renew his contract =/(I LOVE TIM btw. I don't want to see him go, but a person's health comes first, plus he is a father.) This is all complete speculation. -Ducky is not dead. He get's saved, and for the first half of the season, Palmer steps up. It would be a great way to show Palmer as a proficient ME, which he probably has been since season 3. -(sigh) They will devote 1-2 episodes to Ryan. I do not like her character. She isn't good for Gibbs.(The Major from season 4 was the woman he had the most connection with, hopefully she comes back) But this is Gibbs. He couldn't save his first wife. Do you think he would risk letting another woman in his life die, especially when he can do something? Hopefully this get's resolved in the first 2-5 episodes. While I loved this episode, Dearing was WAY too powerful, like a Bond villian on drugs, with everything he accomplished. That was really my only negative about the episode, cause it was a great finale.