Major Crimes Review: He's Back And Annoying As Hell

Well, I do not think that the reviews are getting better because others simply quitt. I was not siure about this show, but I stayed with it and I just have to say it was worth it and so I also think the better reviews are more than deserved! I hope for much more shows!


Well, I agree with Melissa . at least it is not Grace *g*.
My two Cent about the last moments from Season 3, I think she will not go back in, and this has nothing to do with P/A or A/W in my opinion this is a Alicia thing. She took to many steps backward the last season, it is needed for her to go forward again. Even if she will be back with Peter, (what I would not prefer, but not the point here) she need to let go to be free and make a decision based on theat freedo, not of guild or old memories!


Well I hope they will and I read somewhere they will explain what happen to Steven (Henry). A time jump can be about 5 minutes, the all walk back into the office Steven leaving to do something, even go to the car to fetch something vital to the case and never come back, they only find the car... nice mystery itself he is gone they search for him, he can be dead or come back if the PTB decide so....
I am really looking forward to the new season!
Personally I do not care about the skin color of anybody, or in this case of an actor, if they do a good job they do and here on this show they do and it fits perfectly!


I totally agree with Lucy! As I already wrote great cast, but they will hopefully not loose track of the rest. But from what I read Peters campaign will be a bigger issue as well :D

Political Animals Review: Sick of Men

This show gets for sure at least a lot of attention and I for sure keep watching it, even if I am not sure how much I like it or if I even like it. But the whole concept sparked enough insured for me the watch it again, I think they go in the right direction and the are many different character who deserve the time to develop. @Janie We got it that you do not like it, that is okay but to post the same comment in different thread is not necessary and in my book not a valid opinion but annoying spam!

Political Animals Review: Series Premiere

I am not from the US so I missed all those ads about the show and the hype I read about it here.
I watched it because I like SW and I like what she did here and I also do not think that she is not sexy or attractive. I am not 30 anymore but I have no problem to still feel good in my body. I think everybody has the right to feel good an attractive and it is a real change in the right direction not only to praise the 20+ people, but to show how attractive you can be with 50+
Here in Europe things are not that prude about sex, but I still think sometimes less is more.
But I will for sure take a look at the second show

Perception Review: Guess Who

Well not so sure about it, but contrary to many who made comments on the first show I think it has some potential.
I think they try to blur the lines between reality and imagination, so this is hard to follow, but makes it also very different.
So I am looking forward to see more of this!

Leverage Review: Season 5 Premiere

I liked it, I am not over excited with this episode, but it is a good and solid start in a new season. Please, give the reviewer a break, sometimes you are so sure about one thing you do not even bother to check. Oh, thanks SueK, I never watched Angel, so I would have missed this totally, I really like it when they do those things on shows, like the Star Trek comments from Will Wheaton :-D So I am looking forward to the next show!


What I read so far from season 4 sounds promissing, I just hope they do not drown the stories with to many new faces.

Scandal Casting Scoop: Who's Out? Who's In?

First of all I think changing a main character like Olivia would kill the show. And I think Kerry does a good job, I also think she is able to display her emotions very well. IMO Olivia is very much in love, but the scene on the sofa was one of the most emotional ones. It was so cute and told so much. To be scared does not make you weak.