The Vatican is relying on King Henry to return England back to the fold. They'll turn blind eyes to his, em, antics.


The throne isn't ripe for the taking. Joffrey has a younger brother, Tommen, who was sitting next to Tyrion during the feast. It's his throne now. His family wants the power, and the Tyrelles want Margaery to be Queen. They've shown no particular concern who it is, so long as he wears a crown.

Joffrey may be gone but Ramsay runs unchecked. And judging by Theon, I mean Reek, he's worse than Joffrey.


The Emery Roman kiss was great, but then it had to be or the show would be lost. So really, I thought it ended up being as expected, just fine.

The couple which blew me away? Eric and Julia. Too adorable. Biggest character growth? Drake. Eric is the runner up. Arrow might have competition in the male eye candy category.

Will Grayson go dark? Maybe. Predictable if so, no?


As someone who has struggled to live up to and get the attention of a high powered parent, I found Zoe's struggle to be very relatable. I have done stupid stuff to get my father's attention. Great man's son syndrome is the term (or great man's daughter syndrome in my case).

By the way, I love Joel. I'm not a Zorge or Zade shipper anymore. Zoe needs someone like him for all the crazy in her life.

Lemon is back! Enrique is sexy, a poet and singer (though what we did hear of his poetry was meh), but I'm rooting for Captain Awesome. I miss Chuck.


I think Wu's story is a longer arc. And hey, we got to see him in street clothes as he checked himself out. I can't help but think how mad he'll be at Nick and Hank when he inevitably finds out the truth. I wonder if there will be fall out from that.

Has Renard told Nick and Co about Adalind and the baby? I forget now.

Adalind seems all aglow over her daughter. I wonder if that will make her fiercer.

Poor Sebastian!

That Alexander guy could be interesting, a force pushing Nick further into his Grimm duties. I hope he comes back.


There is something more endearing about Bash than Francis. For Francis, women do seem to be disposable. Take a note from George Clooney and Leonardo di Caprio. They're definitely love em and leave em guys. If Mary was with Francis for very long, I think it'd be the same. But as we all know, it's not to be. Francis dies soon. Olivia, Lola, and who knows who else.

I do think it a bit much that Mary couldn't accept that after she dumped Francis and fell in love with his brother, that Lola couldn't have feelings with Francis.

Maybe Mary's reaction had more to do with fear that she can't conceive after two months but Lola did after one night. Heirs were important to the stability of a country, after all.


I actually really enjoyed this episode, even the murder mystery scenes. Though Sheldon was pure gold tonight. A few notes related to Houston.

It's the most diverse city in the country. Can we stop with all the jokes about race? My neighbors are Indian, Korean, Columbian, etc. We're very diverse and my aunt is Jewish and from Houston. (I'm a transplant.) The humour is old and beneath Lorre and company.

I'd give some props for the use of Lonestar, aka the national beer of Texas, at the bar. However, you're more likely to find people drinking Shiner, Karbach or St Arnold's, the latter two are brewed in Houston, Shiner close by.


True. *crossing fingers*


I'm going to miss The Crazy Ones. I really enjoyed it this year. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are great together.


I think Regina is going to be in for some real pain when Henry can't remember her.

I hope the wicked witch transported them.

Bring Rumple back!