Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Louis Fights Back!

good to Blair and he is willing to let his kingdom go for Blair. He is a good guy. I like seeing Blair pampered. I know CHAIR have chemistry; but so did Ike and Tina Turner.Chuck needs to have better control and learn to love himself and let people love him. He creates his own hell. He needs to learn to create paradise. He is adorable; but draining also. He was willing to wait for her and more and more than anything wants to trust her; but he knows that she has already given her heart to another. He wants to get rid of the competition. Can you really blame him?
I can see why he is fighting back. It is good to see he is willing to fight for Blair. He is a prince he should want and know how to get his way. Let the war begin. I am happy to see both Louis and Chuck are willing to fight for Blair. That is primal. Blair is worth it.
Louis family is actually crazier than the UES. That is a hard family to marry into.
I believe that most of us are Chair or Dair fans so in our minds we just do not want it to work for Blair and another guy. I am Chair fan but I do not want to see Blair with Chair until he becomes a better person. He is not good to himself. He really needs to change. If losing Blair will help him get there it is better that he loses her for now.
I love Dair but I hope they never become intimate. I believe that they understand each other very well and have deep bond. It is hard to have a friend of the opposite sex you have that relationship with. Dan is able to see Blair for who she is and not the screens she puts up and that is why he cares for her. I think she cares for him also, just not as a lover.
I liked the Dan and Serena love story in the beginning. Then they became siblings and share a brother. I also did not like the way Serena treated Dan towards the end. It seems she lacks the ability to empathized. She toiled with Dan and Nate like puppets. It was always about her. She can truly be very selfish. Up until then it would have been said if Dan refereed to Serena as the love of his life.

Gossip Girl Review: You and I Are Not Friends

I must say I just like the idea of Blair being happy with someone else besides Chuck. I like the idea of the Prince coming all the way from Europe to look for her was sweet and such a fairytale just the way Blair likes it. I like the fact that Dan and Blair have formed a bond. I would rather it be plutonic, a deep, honest friendship that last a lifetime. I would rather see Chuck and Blair happy with other people for a while. The could be friends and be there for one another. ?It is sad that Chuck has to face the horror of his dad killing Raines mom. Vanessa just seems to be in the show to gossip and cause confusion. I would not mind if her character was dropped. She does not seem to have any quality. All the other characters have weaknesses and strengths. I don't know any strength that Vanessa has. The way Serena treats everyone and for the amount of times Blair has saved Serena and been in her shadow I do not see any reason why she cannot let the situation go and be happy for Blair.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Threesome Aftermath and an Accident

I wonder if the accident will make her dad come looking for her.

New Promo: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?

I hope they don't get paired up. I can't stand them together. It would make me sick. I think that Jenny should start out with some one her age and very sweet. Nate is in College now. He should be looking to meet new friends in his school not going back to high school for a girl friend