Mmmm I dont hate jessica actually I like her but Vanessa .... that B**** I HATE ... she is always like she´s so above the schemes and gossip and she´s the worst one... THAT´s why i hate the character!!!
there should totally be a dislike Button on this section :P

Cute Cousins

Do they shop at the nude store or something?

Latest Gossip Girl Promo: Paris OMD!

OMG.... ed just keep on looking better each season..oh lala :)


mmm the caracter jenny is not that young anymore.. she is one year older than blair and chuck when they hooked up.
and they are supposed to be like 2 years older so it isn´t THAT disgusting.
he is the same age as damien how come that was ok.

NBC Confirms Cancellation of Heroes

i officially hate NBC ... first conan now heroes it looks like their plan is to run out of good shows and be the most sucking network of tv.

Heroes Might Actually Get Renewed

i think that the person that adds the news should be changed or at least he should be neutral about it. because the only people that look in to heroes news ..ARE HEROES FANS!!!!
I know groundbreaking but i seems that the person writing the news does not know.
P.S: love heroes and i dont care if the 4th season wasn´t that good.


i think it's jenny after agnes throw her in to those guys arms
B)main caracter

16-Year-Old Virgin Pic

hell yeah cams dan and serena forever !!!!!

Serenate Speaks

they are probably discussing because she is telling jenny that is iok to sleep around... he thinks is only ok if they pay you for it. lol =)

What a Cute Hat

she is so pretty!!! love the thigths =)