Lost Boys

trinity was 10 years old when he accidently (or so he says, but i am inclined to believe him) saw his sister leading to her death. I guess trinity isnt trinity after all, but Quadman :)

Angel and Laguerta

These 2 actors have already worked together for a while during the popular show "OZ"
she played the female docter (who got raped) and he plays the leader of the latinos in emerald city)
In the beginning I found it strange to have angel playing the cop now, after being such a badass in oz :)

An Odd Relationship

He thinks trinity can teach him how to have a family AND his special hobby.
but he quickly learns that trinity is just using his family and that all is not what it seems

Christine Hill

and i presume the killed of frank lundi

We Know Who Will Be Killed on Dexter

It's none of the above
Lundy was killed by QUIN's Girlfriend, who is the DAUGHTER of Trinity!!!
Trinity couldnt have done it, because he is too tall for the agle of the shooting to be correct.
I think the daughter killed lundi to protect her father from getting caught. She is as messed up as he is.
the fact that half the time she is naked in the show indicates that: no good character (and one who is going to stay awhile in the show) is shown in that way. She is just a temp and thus has to go naked. Sometimes the simple economics of a show tip their hand... It's like when you watch the closer and a very good actor is playing what seems in the beginning to be a small role: be sure he is going to be the killer later on :) (for instance the guy who was the leader of the "chosen" in lost played a part in one of those crime investigation episode series, and i directly knew he was the one :) (and i was right :p)