The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Descent"

My “Descent� Belated Round Table Reply… My chosen scene and also viewed as profound {not at all boring}…Damon holding Rose, bringing her through a dream-state, before staking her; as his tears flow. He is the one you call on when the deed must be done 10/10 times. It was his surge of emotion that hit hardest…so uncharacteristic to reveal externally. Loved the scene! To choose just one quote, it would be… Damon: I'm not sure. Because you are my existential crisis. Do I kill you? Do I not kill you? …Between the overall circumstances of scene itself, the longing that was so evident; and that simple summary of his core…just made it deeply profound. Anyone facing real truths about themselves in the midst of an existential crisis; will find they ask the mirrored “To… or Not To…� even while questioning who they are, were, and will be. His words were so honest and real and raw! Re: Jonathan Gilbert…My only interest in him resides in his access to and connection with Isobel; whom I’m patiently waiting to return to Mystic. As far as the Klaus casting…Having to grade pre-performance, I’ll give a solid “B� the choice of the unassuming pretty-boy Joseph Morgan. I can see him pulling it off, after a long studious look. But I am a huge Elijah fan, who drastically compounds the expectations of the young man who’s to be “more than…�; so I am quite intrigued to see whether he’ll bring some major A-game. Cheers!!! ~

The Vampire Diaries Casts Klaus!

Hm. The pretty-boy choice. Interesting. But I think can see it...
Bring the heat Mr. Morgan! Elijah compounds your pressure by leaps and bounds...just know how openly critical and honest we die-hards are with our characters and feedback~

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Daddy Issues"

Isyss's “Daddy Issues� Round Table Reply… My chosen scene is definitely the Vamp/Were Fighting Scene. Watching the brothers bonded in action, was beyond an epic thrill; and emotionally reminiscent of their 1864 closeness. My chosen quote {likely to remain top-listed/branded!} is Damon’s instructions {not since w/Vicki when he said “no more talking, let’s dance�…Ending this episode wet from a welcoming bathtub, with his sultry words: “Just stop talking. Just kiss me. Be my distraction.� …With particular mention of those last three words…Evoked uncontrolled, unspeakable responses of my exuberance as an uncompelled, more than willing, volunteer for the permanent position! Dayum sexy phrase! Thus, this scene was hotter than the scorching shower intro; that caught me up like a close-line-to-the-throat! I am Team Caroline. I originally was often annoyed by her character. But Candice/Caroline had abso-bloody-lutely earned her Femme Fatale creds. as a Vamp to be reckoned with; especially with the hedonistic Brady torture she just endured! Random comment…I am dying to see Isobel come back in any capacity! ;> Again…The Vampire Diaries’ Hit Squad Did It Again! *Standing Ovation to All!*

New Vampire Diaries Promo: Got Wood?

VD Indeed! *Whew!* Bring on the hotness...Flaunt On! Cheers!!! ;>


I accidentally cut my scenes comment off... Choice Scenes…
~Tyler’s changing {brilliantly done btw!} and Caroline staying the entire time as his friend; incredible sequence between these two!
~I really enjoyed Elijah’s interaction with Katherine; but also his appearance and discussion with Elena.
~However, that finger walk up Rose’s leg, was a Damon {just-because it was there and he could} classic move. Cheers to all!


Round Table Commentary and Contemplations on “By The Light of The Moon� Mid-season Finale Episode…~ Damon and Rose…In my last round table post, I was partially right about one of my predictions for who was Damon going to make-out with…which was a certainty in my mind…right about drinking, Rose naked under a robe, and making out {finger walk…nice touch}…:> sweet agreement to be “special friends�…but what part of the game leaves Damon without some luvin’? Really? Interesting she was the one bitten however; but are we sure it was Tyler? Btw…Does Rose cry excessively, or is it just me? Don’t get me wrong, I like Rose, her accent, style- like that black outfit tonight; but she is one weepy individual. For a vamp {500+ at that} to sob in every episode is a little soft, yea? Caroline was the perfect friend for Tyler! The transformation was epic and so well done, on so many levels! *Bravo!* It was a moving sequence, disturbing, and anxiety-ridden. When he was crying out the simple words “It hurts!�…my heart sank. Seamless acting, directing, and shooting! *Cheers to the Were team making that happen!* Bonnie never should have done what she did to Luka –period. Elijah…One phenomenal vampire whose character is so brilliantly composed; he allures you without effort, keeping your eyes on him in sheer curiosity of what he may do next, causing some to wonder how they messed around and fell for the resident “evil doer�. Ha. I know my intrigue was peaked watching how poised and collected he was, handsome and impeccably dressed in his black-on-black from the beginning. I love his reverence and quiet “original� power. His aura is serene. Luvin’ him. No regrets and no apologies. Elena and Elijah…I found it hilarious that she was trapped in the house! I clapped. Elijah showing up, already inside, chummy with Jenna; and seeing Elena’s evident trepidation mirrored that of meeting Katherine for the first time. She kept that same fear as when she saw how afraid Trevor and Rose were when Elijah arrived back when she was kidnapped. Elijah’s seemingly honest deal was an interesting one {I just don’t see him as a petty liar; especially if things go according to his plans.} Cute that Elena negotiated with him, having found the determination to make her demands about her beloved Stefan. And oh the look on Katherine’s face was priceless; and the first time I saw her filled with fear and uncertainty…no plan. Then Elijah compelled her! Eyes wide, I covered my mouth with my hand; replaying “The Kat was just compelled� and left in the tomb like Stefan hit her with the peace sign. I can see 2011 being the year of ‘E’lijah. Isobel…I am ecstatic that Isobel is returning to the mayhem!!! I am stoked!!! Choice Quotes…
Elijah: Good evening, Katerina. Thank you or having the good sense to be frightened. Damon to Rose: “Just friends…You sure you can do that?�
Rose: …�Special friends�…

Look Who's Returning to Mystic Falls...

I could care less if John Gilbert returns to town; because I am not too fond of him and his ways. I loved the “kill� of Damon twisting his neck and tossing him off the balcony. His return was shocking and inconvenient. I have no desire to see Elijah harmed either. Again, I just cannot imagine one human {especially an incompetent, history book with a ring} such as John Gilbert, consummating any lasting hindrance to a force like Elijah. He couldn’t even successfully complete simple requests from Isobel; whom, let’s not forget, back-slapped John to the floor. His biggest backers in any such endeavor will be Katherine, Isobel, and probably over-protective Stefan and Jeremy {not trusting any agreement from Elijah}~


*Cheers! I’m flashing my uncontrollable big cheesy grin as I step into a round table room, pulling up a chair for my first meal at this lovely site!* Commentary and Contemplations on “The Sacrice� Episode 2.10… I sensed an excessive lack of thought and responsibility in the air last night.
I found Elena to be 100% guilty on so many levels. For the 1st time I felt compelled to wish some harm on the foolish girl last night; tired of her always needing to be babysat and protected “no matter the cost or circumstances�. I just wanted somebody to slap her to the ground like Isobel did to Johnathan Gilbert when she ran out of patience watching him flounder. Jeremy recognized his own guilt; yet ended up following closely behind her. Bonnie officially joined them when she brought Luka’s dog tags into the tomb to “try something� without any thought as to the harm she was causing Luka! Who does that to the one guy you may find love and joy in? I was disappointed in her; especially after the visually beautiful, romantic energy shared with Luka during his “channeling� intro to her! Amazing imagery captured! My Choice for Best Quote…
Kat replied from within the tomb: “I’m starving and dirty; but above all I’m bored.� Classically Kat! She and Damon truly share a spectrum of parallels. For Best Scene…
I must concur with the first choice listed by Matt R. Elijah’s precise speed revealing both hearts in his hands was most impressive! Wow, really? {I’ve been previously rendered motionless by the Vamp’s raw power, like when he tossed those coins at the window; and the entire side of the building shattered, double-glass and all, scorching everybody in the place. I just sat there. It took Elijah all of 3 minutes to establish his “Originality�, of which he permitted poor Rose to speak what he knew, also patient with Trevor who may as well have caught that hand-swipe at the door. It never occurred to me that a coat rack ended a Force like Him.} I do not pity Matt or Tyler. Truth is an essential missing ingredient here. Matt is well aware he’s never racked up the numbers in bad-boy-fashion, hooking up with ladies in line, like Tyler or 4-at-a-time-Mr. Salvatore. Caroline could easily Vamp-up and stop hurting Matt. Btw…Jenna and Alaric Cheers! Finally. I cannot go without stating that I just smiled and shook my head at Stefan feeling the need to let that “favor?� pass through those pretty lips. Again, has there EVER been a time when looking after Elena WASN�T a full-time lifestyle choice for both brothers regardless? Stefan should be up on Damonology just like we are, right? Let’s be honest, after that silly of a favor…Damon’s never been shy a day since his birth, never pretended to look away from something he likes looking at thoroughly, never avoided flirting or charming his way into many a female 17-500+ yrs old of any race or origin; never treads lightly, and certainly isn’t in the disappointment business. The latter I say because he is going to revel in Elena’s presence like he has since the Pilot, kissing her hand, lingering stares, asking for help buttoning his shirt –that was just a cute memory right there. But he’s not going to cross the “selfish line� he drew…everything else is bound to happen at every chance he gets…because Damon not being Damon would be a little sad actually. Listen…
Before I go, as usual I reflect back on Damon, his quotes, noticing his new swagger, still holding my full attention with his consistently entertaining facial expressions, and those intense ocean blues…But this time I’m gonna go ahead and redirect my thoughts where the ever-passionate naughty-Salvatore brother is concerned... I’m pretty sure the question we should be asking sounds more like “then who IS he going to vamp-sex-up?� Or at the very least, “Which inappropriate or unlikely chick will he make-out with for the holidays??? Hmmm???
-A surprise new female Were runs out of gas in Mystic?
-Perhaps he’ll engage in a little bourbon consumption, staying right at the mansion, lounging out one night; before finding his way into Rose’s room; where she just so happens to be caught nude {again}…and what’s a guy to do?
-I’m not thinking he’ll accidentally fall into the fresh young human living to die –Alice is it?
-Do any of the new faces have any baby-sisters linger about?
-He has drinks with anyone; so a toast with the new pretty face looking for his old enemy isn’t out of character. But does he care about anything pertaining to Jules history, origin, whatever…in order for him to do something because he can…and why not? Hm.
-For my Best Choice…I would totally love to see Isobel show up, with Cherie in tow. Indeed, what a perfectly thoughtful gift Damon befitting a “Tis The Season� moment, after all it will be the last time we see him until next year! I really enjoyed my 1st visit, sharing insights and reactions to VD was been a new experience for me, I know I’m late…Ssshhh! I just discovered this site today! I will try to exercise patience {which I don’t do} until 2001!
Thanks for having me. ;> Cheers!!! Luv on ya,