NCIS Los Angeles Season 5: Grade It!

I really try to enjoy the show and most times I do but I just can't stand the Kensi/Deeks romantic angle. Deeks' character is more comedic and not really serious and Kensi is a person of strong commitment. The two just doesn't work for me. Her former fiancé would be a perfect match for her.

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The Good Wife Review: Alicia and Cary FTW!

The night before, after angry words from Will and a kiss, Alicia asks herself "what are you doing? are you crazy? that was stupid?" and the next days she asked Will "whar are we doing?" I dislike Wills character but I like his answer; "we should not be alone togeether." Why bring this infidelity back in the storyline? Peter and Alicia's reconciliation on target to getting the family back together. Alicia is smart, mature,intelligent and still acts like a sdtupid school girl with a crush. Like Eli, Kalinda, Cary and Tasconi winning. Great touch.......