Tournament of TV Fanatic: Patrick Dempsey vs. Missy Peregrym!

Missy obviously! She's talented and made Andy McNally a hell of a character, lovable and authentic! Dempsey, on the other hand, has nothing to do with Grey's anymore. He has merely no screen time, only to smile and hold Zola. Don't get me wrong, it's cute and all, but it's not enough... He deserved to win several years ago. Now it's someone else's turn. Let the guy some free time to run his cars and y'all recognize the Missy's greatness


That's too bad they're seriously thinking about cancel the show, now it's getting really interesting ! They sure took their time to warm up, but the stakes seem stronger now than ever. They shoud go deeper into their mythology a.k.a their parents circle and stuf...

Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

- Damon + Elena (Vampire Diaries)
- Riggins + Lyla (Friday Night Lights)
- Emma + Ethan (The Lying Game)
- Ezra + Aria (Pretty Little Liars) ...And I have to stop myself from listing all the teenage couples lol.
But seriously, Delena should win! The have great chemistry, and their (almost) relationship is really complicated. Plus, he changed a lot for her, which is a sign of a great couple, when a character grows up.

The Lying Game Fall Finale Review: Did That Just Happen?!?

Well, guys, I've watch the episode a second time, and clearly, we can see it's raining whe Emma arrives at the party. We hear the sound of the rain, and they clearly focus on it with a large view on the country club.
It might be Dereck in the back of the time, but then I'm wonder why? Why Alec would kill Sutton? She's the twin he's supposed to love, he saw her grow up. Emma is the stranger, so he should logically take it on her, no?
Oh, and also, do you remember when Alec asks Ethan's brother for a favor in his office? Do you think he could be involved in any sort of way?
Anyway, I was relieved that Emma decided to stay, and to stick with Ethan. I think we all love them together. And for a minute I was afraid that Emma would walk in Ethan and Sutton going all the way. One kiss is innocent, it's something you can repair. More could have destroyed everything. Well, January is gonna be a long time to wait!

Archie Panjabi Previews New Insight into Kalinda on The Good Wife

Wait guys! It's one thing to sleep with a guy that is NOT married after spliting up with your husband that has slept with many other conquests, and another thing to behave as her ex-to-be-husband. What he did is an all other thing! And Kalinda, well we are in a grey zone here. She sure did know that the guy was married but she had no idea who his wife was. Her big mistake was, in my opinion, to lie to Alicia all this time. She should have been honest sooner. But Alicia doesnt cheat on anybody. She's been pretty honest with everyone and has kept it together for too long. She has the right to live for herself. As to be a good mother to her kids, I think she already did a pretty good job considering what their lives turned out to be because of their father's insatiable needs! Anyway, cant wait to watch season3 !