Justified Review: Crowder Complexity

This show is a good as it gets. FX and AMC are putting out the good stuff :)Thank you!
I'm watching less and less of the "big" three as their shows are just a waste of time. Even shows with potential, like Revolution, they find a way to screw up. I think it's the writers.


Great show for 7-12 year olds.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Bang Stick

Done with this show. i won't bother to record it next season. just a waste of time to watch. It jumed the shark when they took kono in her bikini from the opening credits.
just a waste of an hour.
I'm getting very good at just NOT watching shows that are hard to get thru just cuz they are on and I feel like it's a show I "should" watch or "should" like.
I find I'm not missing anything and there's plenty of quality shows to fill up the DVR :)
Mike and Molly have been added to this list of shows I'm no loner watching and the Broke Girls are coming soon unless it gets funny.


Go On will be going off...the air! I see they are making a pathetic attempt to move it in between decent shows of the Thursday night line up.
It's not gonna work. As long as the disgusting Brett Gelman (had to goggle the jerk) is on this show it has no chance.
I can't stand his face, voice, or anything about him. He just rubs me the wrong way and I can not watch. He;s like watching nails on a chalkboard.
I'd like to see Chandler Bing succeed in something. I tried watching the show by holding up the remote to cover over moron Gelman's face in his scenes, but they are trying to use him too much and it just was too much to bear.
Sorry there Bing. maybe you or the execs will get it and get rid of this dirtball who ruins the show. Then it might have a chance.


One of the best shows on! This one was a little slow, but is setting up for something big!
I like watching Talking Dead after and listening to other fans comments as well.

Two and a Half Men Review: Party Hard

I really should have stopped watching this show after Allen did Marlyn Monroe. I've been fast forwarding thru the gay Allen scenes for quite some time now.
This is a gay show written by a bunch of fags.
I miss the way the show started with Charlie Harper and the hot chicks, but those days are gone.
Not sure it's worth putting up with the gay stuff for the occasional hot chick.
Can't stand gay Allen in his underwear, etc. Very sorry the writers won their strike! It makes it very hard to keep up with which weeks are new episodes and when the season ends with any of the prime-time shows, which are getting more and more ridiculous. Thank goodness for cable programing. I hope CBS, ABC, and NBC all die out.

Sons of Anarchy Review: Who the Hell is He?

Certainly one of the best episodes yet! So well done with great directing, editing, and no bad music messing up the script! YEAH!!! thank you OTTO!!!

Sons of Anarchy Review: Flipping Out

Otto's gonna write whatever he wants to write, as long as "it's something that's never been done before". We don't get a vote. There's two seasons left and the story is gonna go the way it goes. This show is better than almost everything else out there imo.
I'm just grateful that, at least it seems so for the time being, that they've stopped chopping up the last scene of recent episodes with some crappy song mixed in with dialog (thank God for closed caption with the mute button.
The song during the chase scene with Nero getting the Caddy was pretty bad, whatever the heck it was suppose to be, as was the song at the end of Ope's funeral...but things are much better than they were so I can't complain :)
Knock on wood!

Revolution Review: Tom the Steam Engine

I had such high hope for this show when it first started, but it is a terrible disappointment! I don't think it will last long. Each episode just keeps spinning it's wheels going no where.
It has a great premise. I think it has potential if they would just bring in different writers who have the brains to get the show in a positive direction. Right now, it is too boring a to watch with too many flash backs.


I'm done with this show and couldn't disagree with this article more. They jumped the shark by killing off Lilly. Also, the song at the end was terrible and I think they just want to sell soundtrack music. Many shows are doing this like Smallville and it's terrible. Today, everyone seems to be scrambling to make excuses for the final episode, which most of us must have hated for AMC and this site to do so, like this is some great bold thing to kill off a main character. I don't think so. I don't have to watch the show, so I won't. AMC has a loser. I honestly think they didn't want to renew Dominique's contract. She probably wanted more money, deservedly so, and they didn't want to give it to her...a decision they will regret imo. They lost me as an avid viewer. I honestly hope the show doesn't come back so they learn from their mistake.