Jdore chair

look at how sexy ed looks chuck is just kissing her
he isnt even holding her!
and im excited 2 see what gg does with the scene in paris.. it doesnt make sense to me that chair is going to get back 2gether anytime soon btw, bc of all that happened in 3x22...but i really believe that the kind of love that chuck and blair have with eachother can't be found anywhere else or between anyother character on the show wtf all this jazz for something that aint reality...whats wrong with us gossip obsessed ppl?
lmao xoxo

Jdore chair
Leighton in the Mirror

blair waits for C...

Jdore chair
Ed and Leighton on the Set

shes so blue i love all but the tights, those need 2 go, and the bad needs 2 be black (an opinion)
and of course, mr. westwick looks fantasticccccc

Jdore chair
Laura Harring and Ed Westwick

love both pairs of shoes :)

Jdore chair
Holiday Shoppin'

his favorite, i think he said that somewhere.....

Jdore chair

i dont know about her any more...thought she was sweet but hey, she stars on one of the hottest shows on tv; i say she's earned the right not 2 give a f%^&

Jdore chair

its honesty day for me:
ED needs 2 break up with her and move on
i dont like her hair or her outfit
ed looks so cute leaning in to kiss her, but i would really like it if she was someone else (namely someone with a first name beginning with L) i love you ed :)

Jdore chair
Spotted on Set: Jenny and Nate

okay this pic just brings back memories of the sweet jenny. she wasnt ever like this...maybe you have 2 b cold 2 b queen, but honestly, B was not dark and shady when she was queen.
and nate and jenny?? thats old news. please.
gossip girl: bring out the drama like season 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sick and tired of watching the same SL week after week...
give us more drama :D ^^the picture above doesnt do that, it bores me (and i think most others...)

Jdore chair
Desmond Harrington to Return as Jack Bass

i hate jack.
if he messes up chair...omfg

Jdore chair
Chuck in Action

yale...the one thing she wanted more than him