Entourage Series Finale Review: Too Good To Be True?

that was how it ends? really? A string of sappy and unbelievable story lines is surprising but what's more puzzling was the speed in which these story lines unfolded and resolved themselves. turtle becomes a millionaire last week, vince marries a girl he was about to date on last weeks episode, ari quits on a whim, e gets back together with the girl even though he was sleeping with her step mom last week? All unbelievable on their own, but why the rush in ending so quickly???? This seems like a money situation all the way. Maybe it was the success of the Sex in the City movies where the producers figured out they can make as much or more money making a single movie instead of creating an entire season. Pure speculation on my part, but given the puzzling and disapointing conclusion...I'm looking for an explanation...

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