So TVF is Dair biased. I always knew!!!! Well that makes you representing the minority. No one who actually watched the show and followed the stories as they were shown thinks there is really a Dair v Chair debate, why are you trying to make one? Anyway Chair won that even before it started. That dalliance into the absurd was the biggest waist of time ever. We, who did NOT want a completely reinvented show want the main stories followed through to their ultimate conclusion AND IT LOOKS LIKE WE WILL GET IT.... "we had to do what we felt like the characters would do and what was right for the characters"....CHAIR!!!

DB almost killed the show, It was a horrible mistake but just a minor diversion. CHAIR IS BACK on track and the ride looks like it will be a good one. If it is great all will be forgiven. If it is amazing then we will all want a S7!!! and that is a good way to end. Can't wait for tonight :)


Anyone who doesn’t want WHAS stop being…

GG was good b/c of its sex appeal, not because it was a gritty true to life docudrama.

And who brought the sexiness? Namely Leighton and Ed, the others were not bad either LOL

I also want love and romance and flowers and fairies, but what I REALLY want to watch on my TV is PASSION!!!!! If I want ’real’ real life I will watch a documentary.

And I don’t care about anything else!!!! Nooooooo of course I do. I want brilliant writing, outstanding directing, amazing acting, beautiful filming, lighting, costumes etc, etc.

But will I get it???? Maybe, maybe not!!!!

What I do know is what Ed and Leighton can do is make those characters seem ‘alive’ and in love and lust.

So I hold on to that, it is that which gives me my optimism and if they continue to do that I will ALWAYS LOVE THEM.

This is what keeps my hope alive and why I will not turn my back on the show I love. I am a faithful lover….always


Oh and I just want to say Jeremy Sommer that is exactly what it was all about and I agree a little bit more about the 'mysteries'of the island would have madethings a bit more satisfying for everyone.


I have just checked in to see what everyone is saying now and I can honestly say it's giving me a headache. There were a lot of unanswered questions and those they gave us are open to many interprtations. I am sure the writers don't agree on everything either.
I agree that life cannot be wraped up in a nice little bow and so we should not expect it from a TV show. It was good TV for me, could it have been better? Well yes, but it was a nice conclusion and they would never be able to satisfy everyone would they?


Damon your theory is a bit out there. I thought Jack could kill the grey smoke/lock monster becuase he became human again once the light was switched off, hence the blood on his lip when Jack punched him.


eak3 I like your simplicity and everyones open acceptance that all these random events on the island make senese some how.

One thing troubles me, I remember someone saying Jacob (or someone)deliberately crashed Oceanic to save the Island, he wanted a replacement and then it emerged he had chosen people who had no hope etc. This is kinda ingenious, great writing and sums up the Supernatural elements for me.

I wasn't so invested in the series this last season so really enjoyed it for what it was a beautiful two hours of memorable TV.


I got that Christian was telling Jack and us that... They had recreated this alternate universe, the one where Sun gets shot but is ok and Jack restores Locks ability to walk etc, to reunite all of them for so they could reunite and go to the next level/stage togehter. Although why Kate would still be a criminal and Sawyer would become a policeman is perplexing. Just to put them together I suppose. This is 'the alternative universe/ purgatry whatever you want to call it, they created after they died, the alternative timeline so they could wrap things up nicely.
The plane did crash, they did survive and the island had some mythical dimension? Some escaped back to 'the real world' but Jack persuaded them to return to complete unfinnished business!
It makes more sense if they died in the crash because what happens to them afterward is out of this world. So we are supposed to just accept the super natural elements (jumping to 1975 and back etc)and not question them too much and enjoy the ride.

Just to clarify I watched it but missed about 10-20 mins from the end and then later looked it up on Youtube, but felt I had missed something, maybe I had maybe I haven't.I saw up to were Kate reuntes with Jack but he backs awya,then watched from when his Dad is speaking to him in church. Was there a scene imbertween I missed?


Really sorry Jessica, but as the last two episodes proves Vanessa was not missed at all. She just gets in the way!!!!
Jessica should find a better role, in adifferent show, which she can make her own. People hate Vanessa, she is an inconvenience and so hate her, shame!


They didn't do that funky time jump thing like they said in the finale.
Maybe the first few episodes of season 4 will be the run up to the shooting. Lets hope so!

Chuck follows Blair and Serena to Paris. He begs forgiveness. His pleas fall on deaf ears (or so he thinks)
He runs away to Prague where he is shot. Blair rushes to be with him!
The reconcile in the hospital (or so he thinks) but she can't forgive him. And so the torture continues.

I want more Chair scenes not less and I worry this Chennyapoclypse may mean they have an excuse to keep them apart.
I don't want to see Blair with anyone else or visa versa.
Chuck/Ed and Blair/Leighton are the ONLY reasons to watch the show!!!!
If we say it enough maybe JS and SS will finally get it.
Stop messing with the fans!
What you give out you get back in return.