1. The ep was fun with good twists and turns but I wanted to see them pulling one another out of the water too.

2. I loved the effect of the the gunshots going off in the car underwater. I thought that was really cool to watch.

3. I think Sophia had Kate doubting at first but then she realizes that Sophia's a liar and what she has with Rick is different but they need to move this relationship forward soon.

4. I love the idea of Beckett finding his father for him and giving him that information. That would be really cool.


Kenly seems to do the same thing over and over. Kara and Mila are boring. Austin and Mondo have talent but sometimes they make things that make you shake your head. Rami was always interesting. Sorry to see him go. I do hate it when Michael gets whiny and Jerell certainly redeemed himself from last week's fiasco. I have no idea who's going to win this one but the guys seem more talented than the girls so far.


What is it about Danny? Either I really like him or he really annoys me. This time he annoyed me.

I did like when Frank brought up the history of other saints whose actions weren't always so saintly. I'm not Catholic so I don't know what the criteria is for being a saint but I wonder how you can attribute a medical miracle to a particular deceased person. Anyway, Frank seemed to hit the right note between believer and skeptical cop and I want to have dinner with the Reagans.


1. Tough call. Castle/Joe was great but who knew Lanie could sing? The girl's got a heck of a voice.

2. Legally, maybe but it's a 65 years old murder with little evidence that was almost certainly self defense. Besides, it would have been really sad if she arrested them.

3.Castle telling Beckett he has 27 books with a beginning, middle, and end was so cute.

4. I LOVE the show but I do feel like it's stalling and it's killing some of the fun. I miss the flirty fun. Bring it back, asap! We need Castle and Beckett together and for real, not some hook up. Bring on the romance.


-Favorite moment- Kate and Javi with the sniper rifle. Thought he did a great job telling her she could come out of this stronger.

-I've never hated her like some but I agree that she'll accept Castle little by little each week but I don't think she'll ever completely like him.

-Esposito and Beckett rocked it. Espo is the man.

-Who knew Worf would make such a great therapist?

-I think they need to move it forward more. I'm hoping "Cuffed" moves it along or else I might start to get bored.


-I have to admit that the competitive eating thing grossed me out.

-Hodgins doesn't usually bond with new people readily since Zach but he's never been this mean about it. I didn't seem like him.

I know that Bones is suppose to be emotionally challenged but I hate it when they make her seem completely clueless. Having her tell everyone else about the gender of the baby before Booth makes it hard to like her.

-Finn was okay. I'll keep an open mind.

-I've felt that the season got off track after season 4. At least the baby forces the characters to move forward which is good to see. I'm not complete sold but at least I'm not bored.


I liked Lisbon's brother and niece but why wasn't Jane involved more. Even as just her friend it would have been better to have him poke and prod her more to try and see her brother's point of view. Romantic or not, Jane and Lisbon care about one another and I wish we'd see more of that on the show.


I can't believe the path Clay has taken this season. I always knew he could be brutal but to deliberately take out Piney and the woman Jax loves? There's nothing he won't do to save himself.


-I'm thrilled every time Castle or Beckett head over to each others homes. Especially loved Beckett's expression when she said she didn't know if she'd had too much or not enough wine. Lol.

-I was so excited when they finally got these two together but then we never saw them. Agree that too much was kept off screen.

-It's a job now and he loves it and takes it seriously. He'd drop anything for Kate but you could say the same for Alexis and Martha too.

-So many favorites. Apparition American, then Castle's relationship line to Alexis. Always happy to hear another Scooby Doo reference too.

-I've seen some strange things so yes, I believe there's the possibility that spirits do exist.


Ooh. I'll second that. Castle's Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan. Two of the yummiest detectives on TV.