And I'm sorry but how long before Duke decides he needs to kill his alphas to get their powers too?

I am actually thinking that it IS his plan, hence why I guess the whole turning point would be Scott getting Deucalion's pack to his side(hence the whole "don't fight them, lead them" line from Deaton in the trailer).


And I love LOVE Alpha Pack so far - Teen Wolf continues doing RIGHT what TVD did wrong. In this case Alpha Pack is Originals done RIGHT.


Really disagreed with review - this so far was way better than previous two episodes. This was somewhat on par with premiere.

Hoo boy - did I CALL killer being druids or what?

If I had one problem with this episode its the whole Deucalion monologue scene being a bit over-the-top? This whole season so far feels...schizophrenic for lack of better word - brilliant straightforward moments mixed with completely crazy over-the-top nonsense.

Overall a great episode, even if a bit obvious in places.


I guess you're mixing up Teen Wolf with TVD. This town is called Beacon Hills. TVD's action is set up in Mystic Falls.\

Yeah, the sexism in this episode kind of made me think I am watching TVD again.

That's not a good sign for the show :/


VERY average episode filled with bad undertones.

Let's see:
More of redemption bullshit no one wanted and IS NOT NEEDED since Allison is awesome, ok?
A Lesbian getting killed.
Monster like portrayal of poc character.
Three males beating up a female.
A female damsel in distress.

Don't go there TW, DONT GO THERE. These are not good signs.

I am however interested wtf is Allison's deal? What is she doing in secrecy? Its clear that she is still just a little bit in love with her hunter-side.

Also - with the human sacrifices and animal control - do we have druids in mystic falls now?


Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT episode.


Remember how I said to you few months ago on that George R Martin is evil and that I could not wait till certain point of the current season? :P

Yeah, it has finally happened and one of many many many cats are out of the bag now :P

Gods, the reactions to ASOIF twists and turns are always hilarious. Internet is NEVER ready for such epicness :P


Shield looks great.

OUATiW on other hand looks REALLY inspired by Alice:Madness returns, both in premise and in cinematography. Of course I doubt it will be as dark as Madness Returns was, sadly.


Det. Lance was only suspended and after they realized that he was telling the truth and then even rescued part of the Glades that shouldn't be an issue eather.

The problem is not whether he was telling the truth. he was suspended due to ties to vigilante.


how is this brilliant brilliant show even real?
How is such a brilliant show on CW - a channel that does NOT air such brilliant shows?

This was hands down best season finale of any show in last 5 years. SO MUCH HAPPENED.

NEVER. EVER. expected them to kill off Tommy. Never ever expected Malcolm to succeed, but it felt very Watchmen-y.

I guess now we know what at least partially will push Laurel towards her comic-book fate as Black Canary. A man-made town-destroying earthquake can do that.