Terra Nova Review: Son of a Son of a Taylor

Shoot from NBC to Fox are taking off all the great show. Yes I think Terra Nova is a great show. Just because there is no blood or guts coming out on the show does not mean it is not good. I have watch it from the frist show and I will watch the last show. If Fox pulls this show then they better end it right and not leave it as a cliffy. Fox don't pull this show. It is a great show. A show where families can come together and watch and not have worry about the blood and guts.

Terra Nova Review: Don't Go Jumping Waterfalls

Really I do not like the people who write review for T.V. shows. They always knock down the good ones and praise the really bad ones. Terra Nova has been a great show from the very start. I believe all the networks want to stay in there confort zone. You get hooked on a new show and after two to three months they take it off the air.
If Terra Nova does not come back. Then the write better end it right and not leave us hanging.
And Mr.Forcella stop knocking down all the good shows. If you don't like it the quit watch it. Really the review for a sho should not go to one person. The people who watch the show should be the ones to review it and say that the show should have another season. So lets brung Terra Nova back for another season.

Supernatural Round Table: "Slash Fiction"

I love Sam and Dean. So the should get them over this as fast as they can. Because when they are mad at each other they are weak. But when they both forgive each other and work as brothers then they are atronger and I do not think anyone can beat them.
Maybe some the the writer for Supernatural should look at some of the stories on FanFiction. The writer might just get some ideas.

Fox Sets Terra Nova Finale Date

If they do not renew Terra Nava then Fox should just shut down. They have nothing good on Fox any more except for Terra Nova. So you people at Fox should pack your bags and take a hike. Renew Terra Nova for a second season. And make it a longer season.


Now I hated the pilot episode. It just didn't make the grade until you brought Hetty (Linda Hunt).She is just made for that part. Don't get me wrong it is a great show. But tak Hetty out of it and it will go down hill. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee leave her in she has great one liner.