Glee Review: Messy Love, Storytelling

I loved that episode. I finally found that the storylines were build. I'm sorry but it was obvious that Will would propose to Emma (the show is aiming at that since season 1).
I don't thnik it's random that Finn ask Rachel to marry him. After all, it's his way to react to bad new (he proposed to Quinn in Season 1 after learning she was pregnant...).
For me, it was one of the best episodes ever (very sentimental and the songs were well inserted in the storylines)

Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Rachel and Jesse (Glee)
Rachel and Puck (Glee)
Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl)
Elena and Damon (Vampire Diaries)
Silver and Dixon (90210)
Caroline and Matt (Vampire Diaries)

Glee Round Table: "I Am Unicorn"

What was your favorite scene in the episode? What was your favorite song from the episode? Somewhere: just wonderful. Lea Michele and Idina Menzel were perfect. Would you vote for Kurt or Brittany? Brittany: she's not the smartest girl on earth but at least she is nice, friendly and honest. Kurt is really too self-centered (and he doesn't even acknowledge it) Are you glad Shelby is back? Yes yes yes. I really want to see her and Rachel to learn to know each other. As Will said Shelby on season 1, Rachel is not as strong as people think, and I think her insecurities are coming, at least partly, from the rejection from her mother

Glee Review: Who is the Unicorn?

true. Quinn AND Kurt need to grow up, I'm more than tired of their whining. I mean, they are not the less fortunate character (supporting families, amazing accepting friends,...) and in almost each episode, they are pulling people away and trying to appear like a victim. I'm sorry but a victim of what? choosing to stay with the Skanks and not talking to the Glee members anymore? Choosing to sing a Streisand song for an audition of a viril part? They are supposed to be in high school, not preschool

Next Week on Glee: A Diva-licious Duel

I don't see the point of a diva-off between Rachel and Mercedes, it has happened before and Rachel is obviously better. Moreover, Lea Michele is a way better singer, actress and dancer than Amber Riley. Don't get me wrong, AR is nice and a good singer but she is limited to only ONE type of music. Lea Michele can sing all the kind of music. So this so-called competition will fell flat.


as long as Addisam stay together, I'm fine with any plotline. But I have the idea that nothing will ever be smooth in Shondaland...

90210 Spoiler Pics: Bikini Jousting!

I hope she did the only thing a 18-year-old student can do: getting an abortion


Ryan Murphy seems to keep thinking that his concept can stand on its own; but, without Lea Michele, it's nothing. Even though Glee is my favorite show I will stop watching the day Lea Michele leaves. That's it. But I still hope they will do a spin off around Rachel Berry. PS: Can we even believe what he is saying? Last year at the same time of the summer, he told that Finchel will stay together for the whole 2nd season, that did not even last half of the season


I don't get it: does he want to leave or not?


Ian is the best drama actor on TV right now

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