1. my favorite scene was the fight Alcide and his father had with the vampires and particularly the reaction of one of them when he knew they could die easily. His line was so funny, and Alcide's reaction even funnier. I guess his ignorance about vampires' vulnerability really shows how the recent procreation as enforced by the authority was pretty random, impetuous and badly executed - politically, otherwise the makers would have informed their baby vampires that they being shot with wooden arrows will kill them. That's bad start for the authority's project, and it reveals how the word of God/Lilith has counter-effects.

2. i am completely with the elder fairy's appearance and death. it first shows how powerful Russel is. I can't complain about him killing her, it actually makes sense to me. he is also quite old, which really makes the fact that she is an elder pale in comparison.


they already aired one promo a while back. this is getting redundant. however, are Richard's lines towards the end of the clip new or old ? i am guessing they're new...and they foreshadow expected - by the viewers- incidents of death and tragic news for the doctors in the hospital.

" the world will know ? " seriously, the world ? as in, everybody? well, i don't really think the whole world even cares about what happened. why not " you will know " , where " you " refers to fans only ? :D

anyway, grey's anatomy finales have always been shocking and traumatic - for the characters more than the viewers because we actually got used to the element of surprise. This is the only way the show could go on, for the characters' evolution is only based on how they evolve during the PTSDz...and Rhimes has intelligently crafted this evolution.


From trailer six, it looks like many characters including Tara, Pam, Eric, Jessica and Jason will be in the headquarters together. I hope Eric and Tara will learn from Jason that Sookie is in danger. I am being optimistic here, but I have a feeling they (Eric and Tara ) will both try to save her.


@fudgefase, yeah i am guessing Andy will receive the baby at his doorstep especially that Maurella would be joining the others fairies to fight Russel ( and other vampires to come, I guess - i am assuming others will team up with him ). The baby would be delivered, for Maurella wouldn't want to risk its life.

Otherwise, Tara and Pam's relationship is obviously taking another level, one that would be fulfilled and manifested in the finale after what I think will be Tara's successful attempt to save her maker.

I never really liked Bill...at all. Starting with Season 01, I didn't care about him. He could have died for that matter, multiple times, and I still won't care if Salome kills him when drugged with the blood of Lilith against him. I guess the writers wouldn't let that happen, but I really hope at least main character dies, from both the good and the bad sides. I hope it will be Bill and Russel, but I am betting more on the latter.

From the trailer, it looks like almost everybody would find each other in the Authority headquarters. Hopefully then, Tara and Eric will learn that Sookie is in danger..i am being optimistic here, but I have a feeling they will be saving her.



I don't think Warlow is Bill. Bill hasn't been made vampire until 1865. Bill's interest in Sookie was only based , preliminarily, on Sophie Ann's orders. One never knows, however.

It's nicely done, when it comes to the plot, to merge Andy (along with Holly ) with the Fairy plot through Maurella. I think this merge will become more obvious next week.

I have to agree. Steve is going down for sure, but I am really tired of Russel on the loose, or in the ground for that matter. They should seriously put an end to him.

Eric and Nora's calling out for help won't be greeted with support, as far as I can tell. They could be bluffing, so they government might think. This could put them in danger, and I am almost sure that it will get Nora killed.


forgive me for peppering the forum with spontaneous statements, but I'd like to briefly state my opinion about the Tara- Pam relationship.

I am not really convinced that it's just a mother-daughter relationship. Prospectively, I have a feeling that this will turn into a sexual and romantic relationship. Tara and Pam have both had their lesbian experiences, and Pam herself was known to have had a romantic and sexual involvement with her own maker. This is backed up by what I perceive as exchange of looks of sexual nature beyond the " I'm proud of you, daughter" nature.



although Maurella should be old enough to know about this, for she's almost 500 years ( she was around during the contract and i can't imagine such deals being done without the fairy community - or secretively some members at least - agreeing upon it ).


@Chris O'Hara

thanks ! well i tried merging the words " Reverend " and " Vampire " but could not come up with nomenclatures that were easy on the ear :)

i share the same feeling. I am assuming Luna or the grandmother will die trying to save Emma, but I also have my money on Steve ! it's just a feeling that one of these two females will just go nuts all over him.

on another note, all fairies seem to know who Warlow is, which confirms that Claudine used to know him/it as well. Seeing as giving Sookie was a contract between her ancestor and Warlow, shouldn't all the fairies respect the contract of their elder and not try to stop Warlow ( the same way Claudine did ) ? or were they clueless about the contract in the first place ?

it looks like they were, for nobody every warned Sookie about it... i am giving them the benefit of the doubt here. This all depends on any upcoming encounter with older fairies (maybe Queen Mab from the first episode of season 4?) although Maurella should be old enough to know about this, for she's almost 500 years ( she was around during the contract and i can't imagine such deals being done without the fairy community - or secretively some members at least - agreeing upon it ).


My favorite scene would definitely be Tara staking the Sheriff. It really shows that Tara as a human is still there, for she was still against the idea of feeding on people and procreating even as vampire. Secondly, her decision to fight back indicates she's holding on to something, as opposed to the human Tara who was mostly desperate and hopeless. Thirdly, Ginger's reaction is so funny although it is predictable. She's been glamoured so many times, and as Pam brilliantly puts it : there's hardly anything left to glamour.

Hoyt leaving is among the good things that took place, although I still find it weird that everybody among the staff has avoided killing off recurrent characters from the very first season. I am hoping the next two episodes will change that, and I have a logical feeling they will do so.

Steve and Russel...mmm..that's a tough one. I would impetuously go for Reverington


As soon as Russell talked about seeking the sun ( during his very predictable outrage ) , Bill and Eric exchanged looks that were clearly reflective of their fear towards Sookie's safety.

This fear is further shown as one that is not random, as far as the trailer shows Russell intimidating Sookie using Jason, and herself talking to the fairies about being fed up with running away ( which refers to Russell, as far as i can tell ).

Sookie is again the trigger. Whether bill and eric are really falling for this "bloody" Lilith drug or not, Sookie's safety will always either sober them up or expose their acting before the authority ).

in general, i am really looking forward to the last two episodes. as i was speculating from the very beginning, the different stories within this season will meet under one plot...highlighting a very plausible and bloody battle between everybody: human, werewolf, vampire, shape- shifters. Who's fighting who becomes confusing..as it is in our real world.

So i really salute the makers, for True Blood is indeed the best representation of the world as we know it.