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The only side I watch is Channel 131 the eppy's are always there 1 hour after it's airs. About the Eppy
I love that Derek is the new Chief he will only try to help his friend Richard when he is sober then Derek will give him his Job back.
Now for the MerDer part can we have please some more airtime here then the only 1 min they get every epppy.
I have enough now that C/O get all the good scene's I want some hotness to for my couple too, I know they are together for good Shonda said that many time's now. but that doesn't mean they don't have to write for them anymore. I love that Alex is in peds again and his scene's with Arizona we're great looking forward too more

Grey's Anatomy Review: "State of Love and Trust"

The episode was good To much C/O for my tast I'm a fan of Cristina but not with Owen how that man kiss UGH!! I prefer Cristina with somebody else. The last scene Sandra was amazing in it MerDer love that Meredith support Derek in the first scene but the last scene I found that weird they didn't even look to each other a hug of a kiss would be nice. and please can they have more screen time then the last 45 sec. they had in this eppy. Alex and Arizona we're great love to see Alex in peds again. Bailey and the gasman i'm looking forward too it how this will play out. but I have enough of all those speeches Bailey give's every eppy. Mark act like a little kid and i feel for Lexie in this eppy maybe it's time for her to move on and from the promo she will. Richard needs to understand that Derek only try's to help him.
and Derek the new Chief of Surgery I'm happy with it finally a story line for Patrick YAY