The CW Cancels Cult

Cult looked great on paper, but on TV it looked like a cheaply made show from the mid-90s. I gave up after 2 episodes. I do really like Matt Davis though and hope he'll be in a new show soon, but I don't want him to return to the TVD. Even he won't be able to rescue it from those boring storylines from season 4. Hope he'll get offers from other TV stations, he's a little too good for CW, imo.

CW Show-Down: Which New Show Looks Best?

Cult is the only thing that looks intriguing and great. I will definitely watch that and possibly Arrow, hey at least the main character looks kinda hot (although the storylines already seem so predictable). I can’t believe though that The Secret Circle & Ringer have been cancelled to make way for those other crap shows. Especially that Emily and Beauty & The Beast look like a real snoozefest.

New CBS Show-Down: Which Looks Best?

Vegas looks like a badly done version of Justified meets Mad Men. Only the latter does the 60s any justice, whereas all the other copycat series (Magic City, Pan Am, etc) have failed to deliver any interesting storylines.
Partners looks worse than Happily Divorced. Do we really need another gay character played as camp as possible? I'd rather have seen Johnny Lee Miller & Jason O'Mara play the 2 lead roles in that one.
Elementary seems the most bearable out of the four, might be watching the pilot, but don't have any high hopes (Lucy Liu should've stayed in SouthLAnd, she was brilliant there).
Made in Jersey's trailer was so boring, that I couldn't possibly bring myself to watch it more than 30 seconds.

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