I'm glad that this isn't that last of Crowen.

Mer Grey Photo

I missed Mer, glad she's back.

Meredith-Derek Love

Aww.. MerDer. I love them together, sure hope they have a real wedding.


Sandra, she looks amazing!

Grey's Anatomy Episode Guide: "Holidaze"

This episode was my least favourite of season 6. Here's why: - It felt too short because of all the holidays together, it really should have been a 2 hour episode
-Not enough MerDer
- Lexie looked happy that Mark had a daughter, I was expecting her to be really suprised or freaked out.
- Sloane Riley (Mark's daughter).. errr I really don't like her. This actress was totally unfit to play Mark's daughter, she's a horrible actor
- Hardly any Callie! She was hardly in the episode, which was kinda disappointing to me, she's my favourite character.
- No Callie or Alex at dinner.
- No Izzie comments, except the one at lunch ("You're Izzie's bitch")
- The whole Cristina/Teddy/Owen thing. i felt the whole love triangle was moving too fast. Teddy only came in one episode and the writers are already moving ahead with the whole Teddy and Owen relationship. I think they should have taken a bit more time with this storyline.
- No Calzone.. :[ I love their relationship and there were no scenes with them together..
- Next episode: JANUARY! We'll have to wait till jan. for the next episode.. The only thing that I liked about this episode was when Derek, AZ, Mark, Mer and Lexie were counting down to New Years. The kisses with their scrub mask was cute.

So Many Talents

He looks really good here.. ahh..

Chief of Surgery

They both look so stressed.. wonder what's going on.

Mark Love Child?

Aww.. she's pretty.

Mark's Women

What's with Lexie's hand?

Six Sneak Previews of "Holidaze"

Couldn't hear a thing in 1, 3 and 5. :[