God's Good Grace

Love how they named this episode. Esp. since Andy doesnt seem to have much faith in God about anything.. I hope nothing too crazy/ bad happens that any of them will need God's Good Grace!

Rookie Blue Season Finale Preview: Saving Swarek

I would REALLY like to hear from my fellow rookie blue fans what they think this season finale will bring. I feel that Sam will "die". Either he will appear to have sustained grievous bodily injuries and succombed (and we will be in longing as to whether he really died or not until Season 3) or he outrightly "died" maybe for an extension on this undercover job and Andy doesnt know better... I dont know.. that will be the angle I wouldve taken as a writer since I drew Sandy so close together so early in the season, I wil need to continue the drama for the 3rd season. This season finale also spoke about incriminating one of our own rookies for some type of crime, and i was busting my brain to try to think what angle they might be coming at. Maybe Chris got found out about lying for his fellow officer friend about his drinking and driving accident..?
What do you all think? Not only about my thoughts.. would love to hear yours..

Rookie Blue Review: Sandy Alert!

Finally!!!I am certain that was what everyone was shouting when Sam turned her around in front of that pool hall! I will be streaming this episode again and again cus I loved it! I was thinking to myself if I had missed this episode I wouldve never forgiven myself! The love scene was very tender and exactly how we would have wanted it and the aftermath as well was typically Sandy material.
Glad I saw a bit of Luke this episode-- Loved the interaction with Gail- They're both in the dog house! I appreciated that Chris thought that he had to changed his "too nice" ways and let everyone stop stepping over him.. I hope 3rd season shows him a bit more reckless and bad- ass! I dont think I will love the season finale though.. cus it's looking kinda brutal! and I know somethign detrimental will happen that will shake Sandy up! *Hope I get to see some baby making time with Frank and Noelle on the season finale!!

Rookie Blue Review: A Good Plan Gone Wrong

Well, I got to say that I loved Sam and Andy and their tension. However it feels not only rushed into but like I am missing an episode. I feel confused and felt there needed to be some sort of pre- quel to last Thurs episode. How did Traci all of a sudden mention Sam's name when there was never any previous dialogue after Andy and Luke's break up about Sam? I know if they do hook up it will ruin things for them in the long run.. but I always love seeing them together so I am torn. Cnt wait for This Thurs' episode.. counting down the days.. BTW Poor Chris.. lol @ Piecar cus Chris cannot act angry for nutting. thought it was a bit dramatic.. def on his part to end things with Gail, but hey we'll see where things r going. I am upset that Dov had to confess his love so early esp when I had commented on the episode b4 he did that That I loved how a guy and girl cud be so totally in sync and not end up liking one another.. clearly the writers werent on the same page as I was.. on the other hand I dont write TV series for a reason! well with only a handful of epis to go.. i'm on the edge of my seat--
fyi, ABC has last week's rerun b4 the new one this Thurs so those who missed last week have a chance of seeing it!


Sighs.. I feel like I can start writing scripts now cus this is what I had predicted in the comment I made on the previous review of "The One that got away". Swarek isnt going to rush things, I mean hell, he didnt rush anything for the past year, just cus she's single doesnt mean he will! He's showing his caring and dedicated side to her-- or as he so rightly put it " I'm there when it counts". I dont see a rush in their romance, even though I would thrive on it.. I dont think it will last in the long run if they rush into anything. Secondly, if Peck had feelings for Dov, it wouldve been written into the script that she was jealous or acting strangely about him being on a date with someone else! So I am glad to see for once there's a close bond with a guy and a girl that doesnt lead to sexual chemistry! This epi was def one of the better ones for the season. I feel like I keep watching it and expecting more but I still end up feeling less that satisfied. I really enjoyed First Season alot better.. but maybe that's typical with new shows.. We'll see next week. I wonder who Andy will be "moving on to..?"

Rookie Blue Review: "The One That Got Away"

So..... that was an interesting episode.. esp. when Sam needed time to "cool off" away from Andy. It truly shows how much he likes her and can't stand the fact that Luke "betrayed" her. I dont see anything major happening to them in the future. I feel as if Andy is truly heart broken and Sam will not break her trust by rushing into anything. (Even though I wished they jump each other bones) most likely if they do it too fast they can relate it to Andy being on a rebound and cut their romance short. Dov and Peck were so cute! Finishing each other's sentences.. I truly like their friendship and hope that it does NOT turn into a romance. Why cant a girl and I just be good friends for once in a show? Next week, Dov is supposed to have a date with the Bomb expert from episode Stung so I guess we will truly see how Peck takes it. I love how they both looked mortified and pissed at Jo's reference about their characters, the dumbass and the blond with lots of make up. This was a nice episode but I wish that there was more tension/ relation betw Sam and Andy.. I truly can't get enough!

Rookie Blue Review: Desperate to Believe

So, I figured everyone would be bashing Luke and Jo this week and I'd join the bandwagon. He is scum and deserved what came to him Also, is it just me or that box of matches or whatever it was that Jo threw out her bag when looking for money was evident that she maybe wanted Andy to find out something..? Also, I wonder- where is Andy going to stay? *crosses fingers its by Sam*. I hope from now on it shows them getting closer.....


This was a terrible ending for a hopeless romantic like me that prayed House was going to attempt to clean up his act and grovel for Cuddy's affection.
I really didnt like this season finale, nor the last few episodes of the season on the whole-- hope next season is more watchable

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