Lisa Edelstein Not Returning to House!

Why?!! NOOOOOOOO!! what are they going to do with house now?? No girl, no boss... How the storyline will be??


all I can say about this episode. First of all, WTF? the captain was involve in beckett's mum murderer... I didn't see that coming... But after seeing the last episode I thought it will be the captain who dies... I will miss him, so sad the scene of the funeral with te family... :( Another thing that I didn't see coming: Beckett being shoot. OMG. and then castle saying "I love you, Kate. Kate, I love you" was the most epic final of every show, of every season in the world. Better than the pregnancy test on gossip girl, better than jeremy's ghosts on the vampire diaries, better than Barney's wedding on How I Met your mother. This is the best season final ever!! And how I know? Because right now I want to take a plane and torture all the writers and the director until they told me what happens next season... LOL just joking So that's all. we have to wait all the summer biting our nails to know what will happen with this lovely couple... OMG I never believe that I would like the summer to pass quickly XD


Wow! How amazing season finale!!
I wanted to cry, to laugh, to dance, to punch Vanessa!!
But let's start with the most important thing of this night... Chuck has grown up!! Not the best moment, man. Who do you think you are for ruining one of the most epical Chair moments? Ah, right. You're the one who did the right thing. "if you love her, let her go."
I was crying when blair said o Louis "I've just had to say goodbye". So sad!! :(
He loves her so much... He came to save her (btw, I thought it would have been a longer scene..) and then he bring her to that party. And they have fun!! B finally realizes that she loves the Dark Knight... and he loves her TOO MUCH!! enough to know that she should be with Louis.... and let her go!
Beautiful end of a beautiful love story... But it CAN'T be the end!! Hurts so much. About Charlie.... WHO THE HELL IS SHE?! who's ivy? Why does Carol hire her?
Answers in the Fall I guess... Awww!! Can't wait to see Georgina's new BFF in action again.
Btw, I was so happy to see her again! Even if her life is so boring now like she said.. LOL And one of the things that is killing me is why does Vanessa published Dan's book? Bitch!! And Dan that prefers the UES than writing and his life like an intellectual?? Did he want the UES more than Jenny?? Surprising!
I love the way he ends up with B... Email chatting about films... At the end they're are friends!! I wanted to shout at Blair "I told you!" And what the fuck is wrong with the writers and Serena that can't make her spend a summer single??
Fortunately she finally realizes that she have to get a life!! To Nate and chuck have fun in your super-trip around the world!! LOL Let's finish this with OMG about the pregnancy test! Little Chair maybe... OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

Grey's Anatomy Review: "I Will Survive"

I really love the scene when Mark and lexie were in the radiology room... Cutest couple ever! And when she said "and then you realize I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with that guy" was just... Awww!! Get them back together now please!! About who will win the resident chief race I think it will be April, and I'm happy of that. This season I really started to like this character very much.
And Cristina definitely shouldn't be the resident chief because Owen is right, she is a surgeon. Btw, I love when she started to giving advices to everybody... LOL And one of the things that really piss me off in this episode... Teddy are you crazy!! Henry is an awesome man who loves you... Why don't you see it?? Back to the chief resident storyline I really can't believe Alex told Owen about Mer. Ok he was drunk and Lucy had just stolen his job but...
And about Meredith I love the MerDer family scenes with Zola!! So sweet!! And I won't be surprised if Derek starts to dance and jump of happiness around the hospital... That guy couldn't be more happy with Zola. Unfortunately I don't think it will last very much when Owen told him about the trial... Well another amazing episode of GA... can't wait to see how this season will end! :)


Love Breannan's hair!! LOL after all the comments below i think i should do a fan page XD
and daddy bones is back... wow love that man so much!! and sweets saying ''but i think he promised not to do that anymore'' was hilarious!
c'mon angie you can!! we're with u!
can't wait to see next ep!!


OMG! so now house is even more crazy... cool! XD


Wow! if this was only a clip i caouldn't imagine how the whole episode will be... castle is right and i love the way he confronts beckett, he's only worried about her, he tries to protect her. i was surprise because he usually walks away when the things with beckett turns so personal but this time was different, he really feels like he had to said it. and yes, this two have to talk urgently about some serious things... can't wait to see the episode!

Bones Review: Lime in the Coconut

First of all what is that mania of the writers to killing off tv shows' nice characters this season??
First the vampire diaries, now bones, next week castle... What the hell is going on with you guys??
Vincent was so funny with his random facts that I'm gonna miss him so much!! And at the beginning of the episode with his t-Rex vs Man was just hilarious!!
And when Booth and Brennan tried to save him, and he didn't stop saying "don't make me leave" was heartbreaking, I was almost on tears and after that, at Booth's, Brennan crying over his shoulder was so sweet!!
We don't know yet what happened that night but Angela's face and she shouting Hodgins to go away was priceless!!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 60

Damon: I have to say something... It's very important...
Elena: no, Damon. You're not gonna die!!
Damon: but I have to tell you how I feel!! I love...
Elena: Damon, I know. I feel the same way...