why is it a surprise that Katherine wants her freedom? what? and she didn't tell Elijah, she told the random person she'd compelled.


Toby - clearly on Spencer's side, but the compass put in his hand is a new development. Somebody hit him so that he wouldn't be able to go help the girls. To me it looked like Melissa or Shauna. Mona - so she was A on her own until radley right? so she genuinely had a mental problem and actually needed to be at radley. so she had been blackmailing ali? did she kill ali? Ian died in season 1, was that Mona who killed him? why did he say he killed ali? what stuff was Mona responsible for? Ali/red coat - so *spoiler alert* I know everyone said alison had a twin, and it would make sense that this is the storyline because of the ashley marin scene in the halloween episode. so if the twin that tried to kill her sister was alisons twin sister, it would make sense. she could have killed ali and would look just like her. and also is clearly a psychopath that could be taking revenge on the girls because killing ali wasnt enough. my question is, if red coat was on the plane, who would set fire to the house the girls,mona and toby were supposed to be in? if it was melissa - would she kill her own sister, along with jenna and shauna. and what's their motive? now red coat RAN AWAY, when hannah saw her, does that seem like the actions of someone all powerful? my guess is that maybe it is ali's twin and ali is actually dead. no mask. im also guessing red coat didn't count on the house burning and that she doesn't want to kill the girls, well not yet, and that's why she saved them

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Lump of Kol

about shanes motives to resurrect silas - even if his wife and son are dead I don't get it. cause all shane says is that he will resurrect those who died for him. not just everyone and anyone that you ask him to like silas is some saint.
also i don't think silas can do this even if he is real because the main thing in tvd was that when you're dead there's no coming back. if you make it possible to bring people back to life it just makes everything meaningless.
and what even is silas? they keep saying he's immortal but is he a vampire or what? because the original family were the first vampires so where does he fit in the timeline? how is he immortal? who the hell. everything about him seems so ridiculously bed time story-ish.
and why is kol the only one concerned about silas? if it was something their parents told them about wouldn't all of them equally believe it. in conclusion - I don't want silas to be real. it'll ruin everything.


Where the hell did the people trying to push aria off disappear to? THERE'S ONLY ONE DOOR. The door that spencer, hannah and emily entered from. PLOT HOLE. Why the hell did hannah not pull the mask off the person that pretended to be caleb, or even try to run after the person? she had to know something was off. That was too unrealistic. The necklace aria put away just when ezra walked in was the same one the girls found at the door. But honestly I think exra's just a distraction, don't think he has anything to do with the a team.
Jason, Lucas both distractions too I reckon. Why would Ali tell Garrett to pretend she was dead in the first place? Why would she want Jenna to think she was dead? Really makes you wonder what Jenna and Garrett were up to with Melissa and Ian if it was totally normal for Garrett to kill someone.. To end, do these girls know they're wearing heels and how much heels can hurt?

The Vampire Diaries Review: The Hunger Shames

This review was disappointing.
God I can't believe all of you are going on and on about Stefan. He's changed a lot too. Just like Caroline.
Don't you guys remember the flashbacks? Emily said his greatest problem would be his compassion, his guilt. That's why he's a ripper. Fine it's stupid but it's who he is. He can't deal with the guilt so he turns his feelings off and when he does that he becomes the ripper. He keeps his guilt on 24x7 just so he doesn't kill people, cut him some slack okay?
And how dare you guys say he didn't help Caroline! He just tried to get her on the animal diet but he didn't force her. Just like he's not forcing Elena, he's trying to help her choose the alternative. He helped her a lot, when she killed that guy during the carnival he was there and when she bit matt he was there, then he helped her control herself.

Gossip Girl Review: A Princess in Peril

I feel like we haven't seen the last of Ivy because Georgina's back and she said she would be seeing her around.
There may be a possibility of the family forgiving her after such a trying time? The girl does deserve a family.. :/ I hate how they're killing chuck again. It just wasn't fun. Plus my sister ruined it for me by telling me beforehand. It would be too cliche for him to wake up just when Blair's about to say I do but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Since Georgina's about to do something unexpected, could it be that she is the reason Blair's running through the NYC streets.. possibly towards a hospital? Why isn't Blair wearing her mother-in-law to be's wedding dress? If we didn't know I would have assumed she wasn't marrying Louis. It's not fair that even when the show comes back we'll be waiting for the dec 30th episode, oh god. The next episode should just be filled with depressing news of Chuck.
After ALL THIS, selling her for a hotel and what not, they deserve their happy ending. But it's gossip girl and I'm afraid he might just die. I feel like she'll even marry Dan but not Louis, otherwise there was no point to this whole storyline of him becoming dark etc. I'm disappointed in Serena. She needs to let go of Dan, didn't she see how selfless he was? She needs to learn from him.

In Alaric's Room

why are the walls broken? is this alarics house? whys he back there...


Important question about the promo: Why is Stefan trapped in a cave? And why does Mason Lockwood lead Damon to him?
Possibly Lexi tied him up and is trying to get his humanity back like she did the last time he went round the bend?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 82

This running for my life thing is getting old.


This is my third comment :P But also, The Klaus realizing what the Original Witch did kind of makes sense, because Elena had to die to break the curse but she didn't and the curse still broke, meaning that simply her blood was needed for the ritual.