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i'm annoyed at them going back and forth to the Wedding only to tease us with more details. First the wedding where Ted's the best man, then in the finale we find out the groom is Barney then in the premiere this season we ALMOST find out the bride but we WILL find that out in THIS season finale? I love this show a fuck load, but this is the exact definition of stretching out storylines. Hope they do all this justice.

Reese williams

the first thing I noticed when I saw Rebekah was that she strolled into the Salvatore house without being invited in. Is it because Elena died in the sacrifice? So anyone can enter it? Even then i'm surprised Damon hasn't fixed that up yet. Might of been a good way to keep Stefan out if the deed was left only to him. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much :\

Reese williams
30 Rock Review: Smooth Move Ferguson

imo this was one of the funniest eps of the season.
lol'd so damn much. Tracy's storyline was kinda my least of them all, i couldn't get enough of Liz and her bag for some reason. Avery in NK was brilliant, especially her iPhone bit xD how come the review didn't mention Condi Rice? Thought she did a pretty good job despite never acting before.
PLENTY of great one liners, Smooth Move Ferguson will stick with me forever.

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The Sun Also Rises - Extended Preview

I have an unfortunate feeling it's Jenna :(
Fits the story fine :\

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never felt more sorry for Jenna. Klaus.... you dick. i don't care how about how Damon ended up with the wolfbite, what he did to Elena was ridiculous.
Obviously all you Damon-crazies will defend everything he does (he's like the Bieber of TVD) (LOL) but i felt so bad for Elena. I really hope she doesnt become a vampire ._. but now Jenna is.... or, she will be, or she'll be dead :\
Cannot freaking wait for next week. P.S. Damon is not going to die.... come on guys, he's the highest paid actor on the show and a main character, if he was leaving it would be news.

Reese williams
The Vampire Diaries Review: "Klaus"

great review.
SO much went down i had to watch it twice to full get it haha, now it's clear. One thing i wanna know, for the REAL curse on Klaus, does he STILL need a witch, a werewolf, the doppleganger and a vampire to break it? i can only assume yes :\

Reese williams

how can the list be that long and include peoples mothers, but NOT Alaric? come on, Klaus IS in his body.
He's gone i say.

Reese williams
Charlie Rhodes Photo

why do i get the feeling she's gonn get the crazy up in the Upper East Side :\
don't exhaust us please, GG writers D:

Reese williams

im more excited about Brittany being smart.
over GaGa and Glee's neverending bullying storyline im glad its coming to an end. Better be worth it...

Reese williams

Witch: Hoping it wont be Bonnie but i have a big feeling it would :( maybe her cousin? hahaha Wolf: Jules. it bloody better be Jules!!!! Vamp: Am i the only one thinking Katherine???? oooooooooo....

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