Q1: Best scene has to be Tywin and Arya when he asks what killed her father. Loyalty. Awesome character moment. Q2: I think the totality of the King's Landing scene was more dramatic, but Winterfell's fall is more shocking. Q3: Hands down Daenerys not keeping better care of her dragons. I mean not being able to stomach hacking a girl's head off doesn't seem unreasonable to me, but the dragons are the only reason anyone cares who Danny is. Without them she's just another would-be-ruler. Q4: Who SHOULD she kill? Tywin, Joffery, the Queen...anyone that's on her list who is in a powerful position. Who WILL she kill? Well since this part has diverged so much from the books who knows what will happen, but I'd imagine she will end up having the decision made for her (sort of like the second kill) or she'll make an emotional pick again (like the first kill). Q5: Plead the 5th due to having read the books (and I don't think they'll stray that far on the show).