The Office Review: Guess That Price

Other than Andy being Andy, I didn't find anything wrong with this episode. But, I'm not trying to analyze it rather just enjoy it for what it is, a fun way to spend half an hour out of the day.
I felt the same way about Michael Scott, he's embarrassing to the point I want to cringe and hide my face rather then watch him make an ass out of him.
You might not like it, but the story is moving somewhere I think, they've now got Andy realizing he's depressed without a job at Dunder Mifflin and I don't think Nellie is going anywhere.

The Amazing Race Review: JJ Is An Angry Man

Not trying to be a pest, but "Did anyone else notice that the spare time Vanessa and Ralph’s..." I had to read it a few times to understand what you meant.
I liked the episode though, totally loved the scenery. I like Rachel/Dave team, think they might win it especially now that JJArt have this unreasonable hate for that team.


I love the scene titled "calm down". When Juliet tells Shawn that he is "acting like a child" and Shawn yells back, "I am NOT acting!"

Royal Pains Giveaway: DVDs, Gift Card!

I think Evan should pass out beach towels!

Kim Kardashian Kast on Last Man Standing

Ouch. Have you watched it? Maybe it's just me, but I love the show, although I really enjoy those short 20 minute sitcoms.

HBO Announces Trio of Cancelations, One Renewal

I've been waiting for Hung to be canceled for awhile now. I really enjoyed the first season, and a bit of the second but just went on and on, nothing happened! Might go back and watch the final season though, just to say I did it.


What no season 1 DVDs? Board game sounds pretty neat though.

The Office Midseason Report Card: B-

I think leave Ryan with the snarky 1 liners, any more then that and I hope he gets a wedgy or something.
I agree with the B- though, right grade hopefully they can turn it around for the last half.

Blue Bloods Review: On the Hunt

Haven't seen a bad/boring episode yet!

The Amazing Race Review: The Teflon Team

It was exciting! Seeing Marcus get so pumped over the rabbit was pretty cool too, jumping as much as it was.
Neither challenge was very... challenging though, I thought. Either one compared to last year when the Cowboy team got U-Turned, was a piece of cake (Eat the gianormous pot of fondu and find the luggage). But, still fun challenges to watch.
I personally haven't been the biggest fan of Bill & Cathy, just don't think they should get so much praise just for being an older couple, but seeing what they did today made me respect them. Not many teams could get U-Turned, and still end up in second place. Glad it's getting down to only 5 teams now, seems like it's gone by so quick though! Each team is getting some screen time, starting to learn a bit about all the teams now. Like the minute with Cindy and Bill talking about how each other met with their respective spouses.
Bill, "Oh we were in middle school, I was 13 she was 11. We ended up getting married the day we graduated college."
Cindy, "Oh we met in a bar..."