The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 161

Damon : I got Ur Name Tattooed on My Shoulder to show how much I Love You !!!
Elena: WTF
Damon : I Thought You would like it ??
Elena : Ehh !! i Would But Its Says Katherine !!!
Damon : Oops , Emm !! Easy Mistake ..

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 157

What The Hell do you mean Damon My hair is starting to look like Jedwards !!!

The Vampire Diaries 'Bring It On' Clip - Klaus and Hayley

Yea must admit this was Hot !! Lucky Little Wolf, Guess Klaus was Just feeling Extra Horny that night.This Must Never Happen Again !! Unless I Get Invited over instead of Haley ;)

The Originals Trailer

This Promo looks so Bloody Good !! 6 Days and Counting or 12 For me in the UK !! It looks like its got it all especially the fact the Vampires don't hide from humans,They are totally running the show the way it should be, If this does not get picked up it will be a total travesty.This is what my dreams are made lol.. Joseph Morgan is a terrific actor I could watch him all day & night,So glad Daniel G & Clare H are joining him 3 of the Best Love The Originals, May The Good Time Roll :)