The Good Wife Review: Determination

This review is very apt. The director and writers did a very good job of weaving the divergent stories into one episode. Everything made sense and that's the best kind of episode for me.
While I see now that Alicia is in love with Will, I don't know if she will act on those feelings. I mean she could, but then again if she chooses Peter then she could leave with Cary and then that would put a wrinkle in her relationship with Will. Hence stopping anything before it happens.
I think that She and Cary have been through a lot. She understands where Cary is coming from and it was even in part her idea to leave the firm. I think even if she doesn't leave the firm just yet, she will help Cary leave in a clean manner. From the talk with the chief justice, I think that we are not at the end of the Will's legal woes. I think that we will soon find out that he is indeed caught up in some bribery thing or worse. This is the second time we have had some allusion to this. In season 1-2 we had a conversation with Peter and Will that alluded to some relationship that they both want buried or that they know something on each other that they don't want made public and now the chief justice with his claims. He knows Will was acquitted, he was just warning Diane that Will could be more trouble than She knows.


Can't wait! So excited. Mellie wants a divorce big whoop. Seriously.

The CW Cancels Cult

This show should have been shopped to the cables like A&E or TNT. The CW just does not have the market for a show like this. The level of writing is admittedly better than other shows but the premise is a little disturbing and if you are not one of those people who go for avant garde shows it will just be terrible n get canned...


I really like this episode. I do hope we get a season 2. This is the one show that grew on me this season. It started out a bit cliche but it got interesting and its fun. It isn't like all other teen shows, plus it really pulls at the heart strings. On another network or even cable this would have been a gem. I hope The CW keeps this show. Maybe let go of Hart of Dixie but not this one. Its got balls and its amazing.

Nikita Review: Freedom or Death?

I hate Alex. She was ok for a little while but I seriously hate her. After all Nikita did for her. She is ungrateful and idiotic. I don't care if he is delusional or if Amanda did something to her. Nikita fought Amanda's brain washing so why couldn't she?
Ryan has to wake up and out that russian wench asap. They need to lock her up in percy's cage.
Nikita is doing her best to save everyone. She never wanted division to exist after Percy but they had to do it that way.
In fact I don't understand how any agent could think that Nikita would be like Percy. They should be ashamed!

Marcel on The Originals: First Look!

Oh he is Dr Douch Pecwell on Grey's. Guess he won't be banging Jo 'no mo'. LOL. I hope this show gets picked only so that we can stop having the original diaries and go back to the vampire diaries. Also hope the witches go to new orleans and stays there.


Morgan is an irritating idiot. I wish they cut him and bring back Amanda Setton. Seriously a much better comedian than Barinholtz. Ugh. For the hype that surrounded this show, it has failed to deliver a completely LOL episode.

The Good Wife Review: All About Love

I wish the writers would just choose who Alicia should end up with already. It is not rocket science. It might be complicated but I really don't think Will and Alicia could work. Peter is a better fit for her. People can hate on me for that. But I don't care. Peter and Alicia are a better couple. Laura was so perceptive about the latent feeling between Alicia and Will yet she couldn't figure out that they wanted a speedy trail because of the bill that was about to be passed. I think that's odd esp when shw was so good in previous episode with weeding out schemes. Plothole.
Overall a good episode. Dylan Baker and Morena Baccarin are amazing. They truly are.


I'm so pissed at the writers and producers for killing Padma. Granted she was a superfluous character seeing as they did almost nothing with her but still... Felt so bad for Nolan that I couldn't even watch any of it.
Loved how Emily and Victoria are openly being viscous and have basically declared open war fare on each other. Amazing. Madeline Stowe and Emily Van Camp were AMAZING! Such good chemistry. I wonder if they will cast her son this season. Those were the highlights of the ep.
I feel that Aiden feeling jealous over Daniel and Emily a bit ridiculous. Emily is a lady of her word, especially to her friends. She is doing what she needs to do to get her revenge. It feels like a contrived story line. If the roles were reversed and Aiden needed to do what Emily needs to do it won't be a problem.

Scandal Review: Heroes and Villains

Also Cy's speech! Very good!